Riverhead science students place third in competition

03/10/2013 5:00 PM |
COURTESY PHOTO | Five teams for RHS competed in the Long Island Regional Rubegoldberg competition and "Big Bang Theory" Placed third.  (Left to Right)  Aakash Gandhi, Brianne Corwin, Joann Yeung and Karla Vanston

COURTESY PHOTO | Five teams for RHS competed in the Long Island Regional Rubegoldberg competition and “Big Bang Theory” Placed third. (Left to Right) Aakash Gandhi, Brianne Corwin, Joann Yeung and Karla Vanston

A Riverhead High School physics team earned third place Saturday in a regional competition to build a complicated “Rube Goldberg” machine.

The “Big Bang Theory” team, which won the third place honors, was one of five from Riverhead that competed in the Long Island Regional Rube Goldberg competition at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, said Riverhead High School science teacher Greg Wallace.

The Big Bang Theory team finished tied for second place in Regents AP Physics category in Riverhead High School’s own Rube Goldberg competition in December, but finished ahead of their in-school competitors in the regional competition.

The team was comprised of Brianne Corwin, Karla Vanston, Joanne Yeung and Aakash Gandhi.

This year’s competition required students to build a contraption that would make a hammer hit a nail as the culmination of a process that takes at least 20 steps.

This is the third year Riverhead High School has competed in the contest.


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