Recap: Riverhead Town Board kicks ethics proposal to ethics board

07/18/2013 10:00 AM |


The Riverhead Town Board punted to the ethics board Thursday a proposed law that would ban elected officials from leading political parties over its ethics board.

Supervisor Sean Walter made the proposal Tuesday night, and it went before the ethics board for an opinion Wednesday, but the ethics board said they can’t make recommendations on proposed legislation unless the entire board refers it to them.

The Town Board also sent a proposed tree-clearing ordinance the planning department was drawing up back to the department for revisions

The measure was requested last week, in the wake of several large shopping centers on Route 58 that all cleared their land of trees at about the same time.

Mr. Walter has suggested developers be required to leave a 50 foot buffer between their developments and adjuring  homes.

News-Review reporter Tim Gannon reported live from the meeting.

Click on the blog box below to see what else transpired.


July_18,_2013_-_Agenda by Riverhead News-Review

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