Calverton News: Parent’s Association meeting scheduled for May 1

04/18/2014 6:00 AM |

Rowland Hautsch, my coworker Patti’s husband, was indeed surprised at a 60th birthday party held in his honor this past Sunday. The party was held at their daughter and son-in-law’s restaurant, with Rowland’s friends sharing a great time with him. Great job, Patti! Happy birthday, Rowland. By the way, I made a wee error in my previous column. As much as Patti and Rowland love each other, they’ve only been married for 30 years, not 40.

My son Robbie and his family spent a nice week in Florida, which ended with my granddaughter Julia visiting Disney and meeting some of her favorite characters. I love listening to her stories, but the very best thing was when she ran up to me with her arms outstretched and yelled “Amma.” Even though they were away for only a week we surely missed each other. And my little Aiden? He never stops smiling. I adore being a grandma!

Riley Avenue Elementary School had to give up two of its spring break vacation days due to snow days this winter, but the students and staff were still able to enjoy a little free time.

The next Parents’ Association of Riley Avenue meeting will be held Thursday, May 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the library. End-of-year events are being planned, so do try to attend. Also, the highly anticipated fire safety program will take place in early May. Thank you in advance to Riverhead Fire Department. And finally, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9, I’d like to say thank you to our wonderful teachers!

Here’s a quick tip on how to get rid of any pesky ants in your home: Soak some cotton balls in good-quality lemon juice and place them wherever the little darlings are. They truly don’t like lemons, so try it!

A very happy Easter and Passover to all! May these days be full of love and joy for each of us, and may Mother Nature cooperate! Enjoy the weather, plant something, be safe and I will talk to you next time. Bye.

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