03/30/17 6:00am

Donna Farley was 28 weeks pregnant with her third child in 2013, when she noticed that something was different this time — and not in a good way.

Ms. Farley was experiencing abdominal pain that worsened as the baby grew. So the Mattituck resident visited her doctor and a sonogram revealed good news: Her baby was fine.


Featured Story
03/20/17 6:00am

Zebediah Berliner can “sing” entire songs without uttering a word.

He’s so good at it that next month he’ll perform two songs at a Good Friday concert at Mattituck Presbyterian Church. But instead of singing along like everyone else, Zebediah will stand at the side of the stage and sign the songs. READ

03/04/17 5:55am

Throughout the years, Melissa Haupt has made a point of permanently displaying her students’ artwork on the walls of Riley Avenue Elementary School.

Upon entering the Calverton building, guests are greeted by mosaics depicting the four seasons and, in a nod to the Riverhead School District’s mascot, blue waves. A tree made from tiles that each child helped create adorns a space in the library, while large butterflies appear to fly up the walls near the courtyard.


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03/02/17 5:45am

Chris Russo

Riverhead High School senior Chris Russo spent nearly every day in August and September working on a clothing collection by redesigning and restructuring pieces. The 17-year-old Calverton native’s task? To create six cohesive looks to be shown during an October runway show at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.