03/26/14 3:15pm
Firefighters battle a brush fire near Grumman Boulevard Wednesday afternoon (Credit: Joseph Pinciaro)

Firefighters battle a brush fire near Grumman Boulevard Wednesday afternoon (Credit: Joseph Pinciaro)

Firefighters from the Riverhead, Wading River and Manorville Fire Departments have been battling brush fires throughout the area Wednesday as ideal fire weather conditions and high winds sweep over Long Island.

The National Weather Service has warned that while Tuesday night’s strong coastal storm missed the East End, winds of 20-30 miles per hour with gusts up to 50 mph will persist through the evening.  (more…)

03/25/14 5:06pm
(Credit: Riverhead Town police)

Diana Censoprano and Spencer Stewart (Credit: Riverhead Town police)

A Selden man and woman were ordered held in county jail on felony charges for grand larceny, stolen property and endangering the welfare of a child after they allegedly stole from a Riverhead junk yard Monday night  —  and had the woman’s 8-year-old daughter help them in the robbery, Riverhead Town police said.  (more…)

03/24/14 5:00pm
Tom Edler from Riverhead finishes up a chalkboard drawing at the Starbucks on Route 58. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Tom Edler from Riverhead finishes up a chalkboard drawing at the Starbucks on Route 58. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Good news for Riverheaders looking for their coffee fix: the Starbucks on Route 58 is now open.

And next-door, a new structure is being built to house a Vitamin Shoppe, officials with the Saber plaza said.

The coffee shop held a soft opening Monday, and will host a grand opening celebration in four weeks, said supervisor Amanda Delong. The store, which is located in the shopping center just east of Riverhead Raceway that holds Christmas Tree Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Aldi’s, includes a drive-through window and will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day, she said.

That shopping center also includes a Dick’s Sporting GoodsFive BelowAldiChristmas Tree Shop, and a Buffalo Wild Wings. 

“We’re just trying to get the word out, but so far [business] has been good,” Ms. Delong said.

The building next door — which is still under construction — will be a Vitamin Shoppe that is expected to open near the end of June, a Saber employee said.


03/24/14 11:21am

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 11.17.38 AMAn early spring blast of snow that had been predicted to bring upward of 6 inches to the East End is now expected to duck south and east of Long Island, sparing the region from the worst of the powerful storm, weather experts say.

Riverhead can expect to see between 2 to 3 inches by Wednesday morning, said meteorologist Tim Morrin of the National Weather Service.

“Its track will move most of its precipitation over the ocean,” he said. “For us, it’ll be a glancing blow.”

The storm will begin in the late afternoon Tuesday and residents can expect flurries through the early evening, though any snow that falls shouldn’t impact their evening commute, Mr. Morrin said.

“The roadways shouldn’t get snow covered [before the evening commute],” he said. ”The storm will pass too far to the east to really hit too hard.”



03/22/14 6:59pm

A green beard made for a festive march in Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Jamesport. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Three months ago, the idea of holding a St. Patrick’s Day in Jamesport was just that: only a thought.

But after weeks of hurried preparation, a series of rushed moves to raise funds and support from local politicians and businesses, hundreds lined along Main Road Saturday afternoon and watched the East End Emerald Society’s parade march by, the first St. Patrick’s parade in Jamesport.  (more…)

03/22/14 11:57am
A fourth-grade

A fourth-grade Phillips Avenue teacher was revived by EMTs and volunteers in the Riverhead High School gym during Friday night’s Crazy Sports Night event. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Hours after he collapsed at Riverhead High School’s Crazy Sports Night and was revived by a team of Riverhead EMTs and medical volunteers from the crowd, Phillips Avenue teacher Lonnie Hughes is in good condition Saturday morning, school officials said.

“He’s OK … He was smiling, joking around,” said Superintendent Nancy Carney. “The police and the EMTs were great.” (more…)

03/21/14 3:30pm
Dan Doroski stands in front of his company's Engine No. 3 at the Jamesport firehouse (Credit: Paul Squire)

Dan Doroski stands in front of Engine No. 3 at the Jamesport firehouse (Credit: Paul Squire)

Firefighter Dan Doroski is one of Jamesport Fire Department’s newest members.

And this is something he’s always wanted to do, he says.

A student at Suffolk County Community College who is also getting his EMT certification, Mr. Doroski took time to chat with The Riverhead News-Review about his training, his experiences in the department and about the time a Jamesport rescue team came to his house decades ago to save him.

Q: When you were young, the Jamesport Fire Department helped care for you during an emergency. Do you remember that day?
A: Personally, I don’t. I was less than a year old, but my parents have told me the story and one of the guys [in the department] actually remembers coming to my house. I think I was 6 months old and I had a seizure from a fever and that why they were out here. It was pretty amazing.

Q: Did that inspire you to join the department?

A: Yeah… I was about halfway through my senior year. I just wanted to join because … I liked the whole brotherhood aspect of it and I wanted to help. It’s something I wanted to do when I get out of school. I also want to join the city fire department.

It’s like a big family. It’s good. Everybody has your back. Everybody jokes around, but its serious when it’s time.

Q: What’s the training like for a new firefighter?

A: It took me about six months to go through. We have to do a bunch of sit down classes and then we go into these hands-on training [sessions] where you do hose handling or simulate a firefighter down and car fires and flashovers and all that. And then you have your test … It’s not easy training, but it’s definitely well worth it.

Q: You’ve been out on calls since you joined the department. Do you remember the first time you volunteered?

A: My first call was a car accident on the Main Road. It was a guy with a truck and he took out a telephone pole. I remember just seeing that… you never forget your first call. Like my EMT teacher says, you always forget your first of everything: your first death, your first car accident, your first fire.

Q: What do you say to friends who ask you about what it takes to be a firefighter?

A: It’s well worth it. Me and one of my other friends, we got a lot of our new friends to join their fire departments. I’m always being asked how it is. [I say] it’s worth joining. It’s worth the experience.