11/21/14 6:00am

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I’m a week early but since I don’t have a column next week I wanted to send well wishes to you and your family. I can’t wait to host this year! My daughter will be home from college, my family will be here and all will be right in my world for that one day. I hope you get to spend the day with those you love.  (more…)

11/07/14 6:00am

November is here and with it came some really cold temperatures and wind. I think I even saw a flurry or two on Sunday. Many of you know how much I hate winter and being cold. I’m already counting down the number of days until spring — 133! I’m also counting down the days until my baby girl Kaitlyn comes home from college for Thanksgiving break — 18! This first semester has really gone by quick. I miss her so much but am so proud of how well she’s doing. Thanks to everyone who asks how she is. She’s doing fabulous!  (more…)

10/24/14 6:00am

Hello, friends and neighbors. Welcome to fall. It got cold, didn’t it? Speaking of the cold, my daughter downloaded an app that counts the days till Christmas. I don’t want to think about Christmas yet. I want to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Kaitlyn’s college finals first. I can’t believe her first semester is almost over. She is doing so well and enjoying her college experience. Thank you to everyone who asks about her.  (more…)

10/10/14 6:00am

October is upon us, friends and neighbors. Time to put those flip-flops away. This time of year, although beautiful, always makes me very sad. Most of you know how I feel about the cold, wind and snow; I can’t stand it. I’ll admit, a good snowstorm that doesn’t cause a power outage is always nice around the holidays, but the many months of dealing with snow, ice and whipping wind — yuck!  (more…)

09/25/14 6:00am
Red Tide won the Southampton Youth Bureau Battle of the Bands. (Credit: Southampton Youth Bureau courtesy)

Red Tide won the Southampton Youth Bureau Battle of the Bands. (Credit: Southampton Youth Bureau courtesy)

As September comes to a close I cannot believe my baby girl has been away at college for a month already. It feels like forever to me. Do any other parents feel the same way? I can’t wait until she comes home for a visit Oct. 10; I’ll be one happy mom. How is everyone else doing with this back-to-school business? It’s very strange not having a child in the Riverhead Central School District. I feel like I’m so out of the loop. If you’re reading this and belong to or attend any district PTA/PTO meetings (especially at Phillips Avenue) and you know of something coming up, please send me an email or give me a call. I’d love to write about it and know the community would love to hear about it.   (more…)

09/11/14 6:00am

Happy September. I hope everyone returned to school without too many tears — kids and moms alike. I wish everyone a great school year. Funny how now that it’s September we’re having the hottest days of the summer. Oh well, it was a great summer weather-wise, even if we didn’t hit 90 degrees. I’ll take it over shoveling snow and dealing with ice any day.


08/28/14 5:00am

Labor Day is this weekend, college is back in session and classes at local schools begin next week. The summer went by extremely fast. It probably seemed a lot faster  to me, since my baby girl left for her freshman year at SUNY/Oneonta last weekend. I’m so proud of her. I brag about her all the time, but my heart aches not having her here. I know it’s selfish and I know she’s where she’s supposed to be — yes, Dave McKillop, I know and totally agree — but I miss her terribly and can’t wait for her first visit home. I wish everyone a great academic year.  (more…)