02/25/15 8:00am
Caption:  District ESL director Liz Scaduto and Assistant Superintendent David Wicks discussed new state regulations for students who need instruction in English Tuesday

ESL director Liz Scaduto and assistant superintendent David Wicks discussing new state regulations for students who need instruction in English at Tuesday’s school board meeting. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

Riverhead School District officials are bracing for a large influx of students requiring English instruction next fall, along with a new set of state regulations.


02/24/15 10:00am

Riverhead Free Library’s proposed 2015-16 budget calls for a three percent tax increase of $100,634, bringing its total to $3.45 million.

“Once again, the Board of Trustees worked rigorously to pare the coming year’s budget without cutting hours or services to our ever-increasing patrons,” library director Joy Rankin wrote in a mailing to residents.

Under the proposed budget, spending will increase 2.2 percent to $3.58 million. At 2.67 million, personnel costs — which are up by $14,775 — make up the bulk of that amount.

Library revenue is projected to decrease from $151,500 to $130,913 in the proposed budget. Revenue from fines and fees is proposed to drop from $30,000 to $18,000 and revenue from contracts with neighboring districts that use Riverhead Free Library is proposed to drop from $105,000 to $95,913.

A public vote on the library’s budget is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. A budget information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10, at 7 p.m. Both events will take place in the library’s meeting room.


02/23/15 8:00am
Ed Densieski, a former town councilman, spoke against the proposed mixed-use plan for EPCAL. (Credit: Paul Squire, file)

Ed Densieski spoke out against the proposed mixed-use plan for EPCAL in August 2014. (Credit: Paul Squire, file)

“We were given the property for regional economic development and we have a cricket sanctuary.”

That’s how Riverhead Planning Board member Ed Densieski describes plans drawn out for the the Enterprise Park at Calverton.

On Thursday, Mr. Densieski proposed changes to a proposed subdivision at the former Grumman site that would move industrial lots currently proposed along Route 25 to an area near the runway, and the existing industrial park at EPCAL. (more…)

02/20/15 4:33pm
A bird's eye view of the Enterprise Park at Calverton site. (Credit: Andrew Lepre, file)

A bird’s eye view of the Enterprise Park at Calverton site. (Credit: Andrew Lepre, file)

GlobalFoundaries, a Silicon Valley-based company described as a spinoff of computer chip giant AMD, has expressed interest in building a plant that would manufacture semiconducters in Calverton, Supervisor Sean Walter said.

“They did send somebody to look at the property around Columbus Day,” Mr. Walter said. ”Unfortunately, because we haven’t moved quickly, now they (GlobalFoundaries) are looking at property in Delaware” as well.

He stressed that EPCAL still is in play for GlobalFoundaries, but said the town’s lack of marketing the site is a problem. (more…)

02/20/15 10:00am
The Riverside traffic circle. (Credit: file photo)

The Riverside traffic circle’s expansion won’t begin anytime soon. (Credit: file photo)

Thanks to understaffing at the county Department of Public Works, expansion of the Riverside traffic circle isn’t likely to begin earnest for at least another two years, according to county Legislator Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk).  (more…)