09/22/16 5:03pm

I’m beginning my column this week with some sad news. My mom, Kay Troyan, passed away Sept. 10. It was a very sad time, but Mom is where she needs to be. She is pain-free and I’m sure she’s having a great time up there with those who went before her. I want to thank everyone who not only came to the wake and funeral, but simply picked up the phone and shared a few minutes of their time with me. It’s very much appreciated. Also, a big thank-you goes out to Matt from Tuthill-Mangano Funeral Home in Riverhead. You are, without a doubt, a wonderful, kind and caring man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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If you pick up a bottle of the 2014 White Blend from Lenz Winery in Peconic, you might notice the label is decorated with a gold and blue design. If you sit in the tasting room, you will see that same design on the wall as a part of the winery’s latest art exhibition, Landscape Constructions.