07/08/15 9:00am
07/08/2015 9:00 AM
The Riverhead school board at Tuesday's meeting in Riverside. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

The Riverhead school board at Tuesday’s meeting in Riverside. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

The Riverhead school board has decided not to approve a resolution in support of the proposed Family Community Life Center.

During Tuesday’s meeting, newly elected school board president Sue Koukounas and school board members Greg Meyer and Lori Hulse voted in favor. Newly elected school board vice president Amelia Lantz and school board members Ann Cotten-DeGrasse and Chris Dorr abstained from voting.

School board member Kim Ligon was absent.

After the meeting, Superintendent Nancy Carney confirmed the non-binding measure was defeated in the split vote.


06/30/15 5:59am
06/30/2015 5:59 AM

They’re Riverhead High School’s top achievers. Now learn more about Noah Markewitz and Emily Behr, the Class of 2015’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian.




GPA: 108.92 (weighted)

College plans: SUNY/Geneseo

Major: biochemistry with a pre-medicine concentration

Academic honors: Noah was a member of the Foreign Language National Honor Society and vice president of the National Honor Society. He was named Outstanding Student of the Year in pre-calculus, physics, geometry, Spanish and AP physics. In the fall, the College Board recognized him as an AP Scholar with Distinction.

Music fan: Noah plays three instruments: alto saxophone, piano and clarinet. He has received multiple top scores at New York State School Music Association competitions. He participated in Suffolk County Music Educators Association events between 2010 and 2013, was first chair at the Hamptons Music Educators Association while in grades 9-12 and was an alternate at the All State Music Festival.

Team player: Throughout high school, Noah played on the Mattituck Alliance travel soccer team. He was also named an All County Scholar Athlete while playing on the varsity soccer team. In addition, Noah competed in winter and spring track. He was also a member of the Mentathletes team.

Community involvement: Noah volunteered as a math and science tutor and was vice president of the Long Island Science Center Youth Board of Trustees.

Parting words: “With all the current media attention being given to education, I would like to give a shout-out to all the awesome teachers and coaches in the Riverhead School District that have encouraged and inspired me throughout my school career.”



GPA: 108.52 (weighted)

College plans: SUNY/Stony Brook

Major: Linguistics, university scholars program

High achiever: Emily is an AP Scholar with Distinction and received several academic awards throughout high school, including the Latin achievement award. She’s a member of the Women in Science and Engineering program and was an editor for the Labyrinth literary magazine. As a member of Mentathletes, Emily and her team participated in the Suffolk County regional event. She also competed in Latin Declamatio and Latin Certamen. She’s a member of the National Honor Society and Foreign Language Honors Society for Latin.

On stage: Since she started to play clarinet in fifth grade, Emily has been passionate about music. She performed at NYSSMA and HMEA and also sang during the SCMEA event. In addition, she performed in plays with the Blue Masques Drama Club.

A love for Riverhead: Emily has given back to the community through Riverhead Key Club and Going Green. She also volunteered in a special education classroom, tutored her peers and took part in various other community service activities.

Parting words: “It is truly an honor to be named the salutatorian of the Riverhead High School Class of 2015, especially considering the immense amount of talent that exists within my peers. Having the support of my friends, teachers and family throughout my high school career has been a great benefit to me, and therefore I am grateful for it.”

06/22/15 12:00pm
06/22/2015 12:00 PM
Riverhead Middle School Principal Andrea Pekar gives a short congratulatory speech to the middle school students who received awards at the Middle School's Academic Awards Night. (Credit: Sandra Kolbo, Riverhead schools)

Riverhead Middle School Principal Andrea Pekar gives a short congratulatory speech to the middle school students who received awards at the Middle School’s Academic Awards Night. (Credit: Sandra Kolbo, Riverhead schools)

Riverhead Middle School hosted its annual Academic Awards night last week to hand out more than 450 commendations to students.

Among the winners was Caelin Casado, an honor roll student who won this year’s Patriot’s Pen essay contest. Cristian Pace and Saniya Turner earned Suffolk Zone awards, which honor outstanding achievement in physical education, academics and leadership.

See a full list of the rest of the winners below:

Last Name First Name Subject
Behr Eric Algebra
Bossey Dominic Algebra
Caskie Joshua Algebra
Divan Julia Algebra
Escobar Brandon Algebra
Kielbasa Kayla Algebra
Majid Aneeqa Algebra
McKnight Taylor Algebra
Miller Brittney Algebra
Mohammad Alae Algebra
Velasquez Jacqueline Algebra
Walston Destiny Algebra
Alonzo Moreno Sayra Art
Ariyanna Daniyah Art
Bahamon Pardo Christian Art
Bossey Dominic Art
Bozuhoski Olivia Art
Crews Dominique Art
Divan Julia Art
Dunn Kristina Art
Fontana Danielle Art
Graziano Angelina Art
Lozano Lara Daian Art
Majid Aneeqa Art
Malanga Ella Art
Markowski Ivory Art
Tedesco Marina Art
Tedesco Marissa Art
Treadwell Bridget Art
Viera Darwin Art
Yat Fermina Art
Garcia Duenas Dylan Band – Brass
Garcia Solorzano William Band – Brass
Gove Gregory Band – Brass
Collins Emma Band – Percussion
Jacobs Alexander Band – Percussion
Krulder Michael Band – Percussion
Behr Eric Band – Woodwinds
Montefusco Regan Band – Woodwinds
Stakey Clare Band – Woodwinds
Brandon Jaquasia Chorus
Cain Brianna Chorus
Frost Kyle Chorus
Graziano Angelina Chorus
Hoey Kayla Chorus
Iona Giovanni Chorus
Moos Kaelin Chorus
Pita Lizette Chorus
Tedesco Marissa Chorus
Alonzo Moreno Sayra English
Bazarewski Emily English
Behr Eric English
Bonaparte Makai English
Bossey Dominic English
Brandon Jaquasia English
Bunch Taylor English
Carrick Ryan English
Carson Isabella English
Caskie Joshua English
Castillo Carlos English
Cunningham Michael English
Davis Nyasia English
Dejewski Nicholas English
Denys Iyriy English
Divan Julia English
Farrell Krista English
Fontana Danielle English
Gustafson Sarah English
Hoey Kayla English
Huber Sydney English
Kaur Kawalpreet English
Kielbasa Kayla English
Lewandowski Shayla English
Majid Aneeqa English
Malanga Ella English
Markowski Ivory English
McCullough Casey English
McKnight Taylor English
Mearkle Emma English
Miller Brittney English
Montefusco Regan English
Olsen Laryssa English
Pace Cristian English
Pettit Patrick English
Rempe Sarah English
Russell Charlotte English
Spear James English
Stakey Clare English
Tobin Ciara English
Walston Destiny English
Yat Fermina English
Zacharewicz Jacob English
Alonzo Moreno Sayra French
Bianco Michael French
Chamba Rios Tabitha French
Lewandowski Shayla French
McCue Lillyanna French
Smith Roman French
Sullivan Emily French
Borges William “Simius Rex” Latin
Bossey Dominic “Caeli Oculi” Latin
Cunningham Michael “Titanus” Latin
Divan Julia “Arcis Pluvia” Latin
Huber Sydney “Spiritus Undarum” Latin
Miller Brittney “Luna Gelida” Latin
Olsen Laryssa “Celina” Latin
Rodriguez Katherine “Iris” Latin
Behr Eric Living Environment
Bossey Dominic Living Environment
Caskie Joshua Living Environment
Cuestas Jason Living Environment
Cunningham Michael Living Environment
Dejewski Nicholas Living Environment
Divan Julia Living Environment
Farrell Krista Living Environment
Huber Sydney Living Environment
Kielbasa Kayla Living Environment
Majid Aneeqa Living Environment
McKnight Taylor Living Environment
Meilunas Eric Living Environment
Miller Brittney Living Environment
Olsen Laryssa Living Environment
Walston Destiny Living Environment
Yown Bryan Living Environment
Alonzo Moreno Sayra Math
Bianco Michael Math
Cain Brianna Math
Chew Christopher Math
Farrell Krista Math
Fontana Amanda Math
Freeborn Alyssa Math
Frost Kyle Math
Hinchy Malorie Math
Lehman Abigail Math
McElhinney Eoin Math
Meilunas Eric Math
Pittman Cobb Shanette Math
Quaranto Kimberly Math
Scott Rickira Math
Stimpfel Jessica Math
Tedesco Marina Math
Tedesco Marissa Math
Torres Celina Math
Vasquez Sanchez Stephany Math
Viera Darwin Math
Caskie Joshua Orchestra
Crump Hannah Orchestra
Fried Sarah-Anne Orchestra
O’Connor Brynn Orchestra
Casado Caelin Patriot’s Pen
Alonzo Moreno Sayra PEA – Gold
Bak Stephanie PEA – Gold
Behr Eric PEA – Gold
Bennett Cara PEA – Gold
Bianco Michael PEA – Gold
Bossey Dominic PEA – Gold
Brown Kaitlyn PEA – Gold
Bunch Taylor PEA – Gold
Carson Isabella PEA – Gold
Casado Caelin PEA – Gold
Caskie Joshua PEA – Gold
Chamba Rios Tabitha PEA – Gold
Crump Hannah PEA – Gold
Cuestas Jason PEA – Gold
Cunningham Michael PEA – Gold
Dejewski Nicholas PEA – Gold
Denys Iyriy PEA – Gold
Divan Julia PEA – Gold
Dunn Kristina PEA – Gold
Escobar Brandon PEA – Gold
Falisi Christy PEA – Gold
Farrell Krista PEA – Gold
Fontana Amanda PEA – Gold
Fontana Danielle PEA – Gold
Fried Sarah-Anne PEA – Gold
Garcia Duenas Dylan PEA – Gold
Hayes Stephanie PEA – Gold
Hernandez Evelyn PEA – Gold
Hinchy Malorie PEA – Gold
Hoey Kayla PEA – Gold
Huber Sydney PEA – Gold
Kaur Kawalpreet PEA – Gold
Kielbasa Kayla PEA – Gold
Krulder Michael PEA – Gold
Lewandowski Shayla PEA – Gold
Majid Aneeqa PEA – Gold
Markowski Ivory PEA – Gold
McCue Lillyanna PEA – Gold
McKnight Taylor PEA – Gold
Mearkle Emma PEA – Gold
Meilunas Eric PEA – Gold
Miller Brittney PEA – Gold
Mohammad Alae PEA – Gold
Montefusco Regan PEA – Gold
O’Connor Brynn PEA – Gold
Olsen Laryssa PEA – Gold
Patel Yash PEA – Gold
Quaranto Kimberly PEA – Gold
Rodriguez Katherine PEA – Gold
Rosko Paige PEA – Gold
Russell Charlotte PEA – Gold
Sayles Darya PEA – Gold
Stakey Clare PEA – Gold
Sullivan Emily PEA – Gold
Tedesco Marina PEA – Gold
Tedesco Marissa PEA – Gold
Treadwell Bridget PEA – Gold
Viera Darwin PEA – Gold
Walston Destiny PEA – Gold
Yat Fermina PEA – Gold
Yown Bryan PEA – Gold
Zacharewicz Jacob PEA – Gold
Zawada Sarah PEA – Gold
Albinski Taylor PEA – Silver
Anderson Ethan PEA – Silver
Barwick Nicole PEA – Silver
Bassemir David PEA – Silver
Borges William PEA – Silver
Bozuhoski Olivia PEA – Silver
Brandon Jaquasia PEA – Silver
Carrick Ryan PEA – Silver
Carson Gemma PEA – Silver
Cawley Jared PEA – Silver
Collins Emma PEA – Silver
Drozd Douglas PEA – Silver
Duarte Adam PEA – Silver
Freeborn Alyssa PEA – Silver
Fritscher Morgan PEA – Silver
Frost Kyle PEA – Silver
Gove Gregory PEA – Silver
Grimmer Lindsay PEA – Silver
Gustafson Sarah PEA – Silver
Harris Kaitlyn PEA – Silver
Hayon Travis PEA – Silver
Horyczun Brandon PEA – Silver
Hubbard Matthew PEA – Silver
Jenks Alice PEA – Silver
Kalmus Connor PEA – Silver
Keane Ryan PEA – Silver
Lehman Abigail PEA – Silver
Lewandowski Jade PEA – Silver
Lopez Catalina PEA – Silver
Malanga Ella PEA – Silver
Marcello Anthony PEA – Silver
Mendez Emely PEA – Silver
Moore Alyssa PEA – Silver
O’Connor Kristen PEA – Silver
Pace Cristian PEA – Silver
Pettit Patrick PEA – Silver
Pharr Jolene PEA – Silver
Polak Alexis PEA – Silver
Raynor Olivia PEA – Silver
Rempe Sarah PEA – Silver
Richards Emma PEA – Silver
Romero Torres Joseph PEA – Silver
Schellinger Lia PEA – Silver
Sosa Ernesto PEA – Silver
Southard Riley PEA – Silver
Spencer Dakota PEA – Silver
Stimpfel Jessica PEA – Silver
Turner Saniya PEA – Silver
Vasquez Sanchez Stephany PEA – Silver
Veliz Gonzalez Sabrina PEA – Silver
Wallace Justin PEA – Silver
Warner Delanie PEA – Silver
Weber Taylor PEA – Silver
Wharton Courtney PEA – Silver
Zebrowski Nicole PEA – Silver
Behr Eric Physical Education
Blancarte Hosea Physical Education
Borges William Physical Education
Bossey Dominic Physical Education
Brandon Jaquasia Physical Education
Brown Kaitlyn Physical Education
Bunch Taylor Physical Education
Cakir Bryan Physical Education
Carrick Ryan Physical Education
Caskie Joshua Physical Education
Cassara Shaye-Ann Physical Education
Cawley Jared Physical Education
Cunningham Michael Physical Education
Densieski Krystyna Physical Education
Divan Julia Physical Education
Driscoll Kyler Physical Education
Dunn Kristina Physical Education
Falisi Christy Physical Education
Fitzpatrick Aiden Physical Education
Franco Lorecy Physical Education
Garcia Duenas Dylan Physical Education
Jacobs Alexander Physical Education
Kielbasa Kayla Physical Education
Lysogorski Arianna Physical Education
Malanga Ella Physical Education
McKay Brooke Physical Education
Moore Alyssa Physical Education
Nitti Jacob Physical Education
Olsen Laryssa Physical Education
Ortez Chicas Daniel Physical Education
Pace Cristian Physical Education
Patel Yash Physical Education
Pettit Patrick Physical Education
Pittman Eve Physical Education
Polak Alexis Physical Education
Rempe Sarah Physical Education
Russell Charlotte Physical Education
Scioscia Nicole Physical Education
Tavarez Ezequiel Physical Education
Treadwell Bridget Physical Education
Turner Saniya Physical Education
Wilkinson Kobe Physical Education
Winter Justice Physical Education
Zacharewicz Jacob Physical Education
Allen Sean Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Alonzo Moreno Sayra Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Bazarewski Emily Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Behr Eric Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Bianco Michael Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Bossey Dominic Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Brown Kaitlyn Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Bunch Taylor Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Carson Isabella Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Casado Caelin Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Caskie Joshua Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Cassara Shaye-Ann Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Chamba Rios Tabitha Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Crump Hannah Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Cunningham Michael Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Dejewski Nicholas Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Denys Iyriy Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Divan Julia Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Dunn Kristina Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Fontana Amanda Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Graziano Angelina Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Hernandez Evelyn Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Hoey Kayla Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Huber Sydney Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Kaur Kawalpreet Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Keitel Hannah Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Kielbasa Kayla Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Lewandowski Shayla Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Majid Aneeqa Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
McCue Lillyanna Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
McKnight Taylor Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Mearkle Emma Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Miller Brittney Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Mohammad Alae Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
O’Connor Brynn Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Olsen Laryssa Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Patel Yash Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Quaranto Kimberly Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Rodriguez Katherine Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Sayles Darya Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Schiavone Kyle Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Smith Roman Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Stakey Clare Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Sullivan Emily Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Tedesco Marina Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Tedesco Marissa Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Treadwell Bridget Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Walston Destiny Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Wells Brady Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Yat Fermina Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Yown Bryan Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Zacharewicz Jacob Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Zawada Sarah Principal’s A/B Honor Roll
Ariyanna Daniyah Science
Bassemir David Science
Brown Edwin Science
Cakir Bryan Science
Cannon Nyrene Science
Carrera Keren Science
Covert Kamala Science
Crews Dominique Science
Denys Iyriy Science
Espinoza Cruz Jesus Science
Fontana Amanda Science
Freeborn Alyssa Science
Lewandowski Jade Science
Marin David Science
Mascolo Victoria Science
Mohammad Alae Science
Pettit Patrick Science
Pineda Villagra Kateryn Science
Pittman Eve Science
Rankin Escobar Brandon Science
Smith III Kenneth Science
Stimpfel Jessica Science
Turner Saniya Science
Velasquez Jacqueline Science
Allen Sean Social Studies
Alonzo Moreno Sayra Social Studies
Bossey Dominic Social Studies
Brandon Jaquasia Social Studies
Brewer Hannah Social Studies
Carson Gemma Social Studies
Carson Isabella Social Studies
Caskie Joshua Social Studies
Castillo Carlos Social Studies
Cawley Jared Social Studies
Crump Hannah Social Studies
Dejewski Nicholas Social Studies
DeLeon Hector Social Studies
Divan Julia Social Studies
Girolamo Paige Social Studies
Hinchy Malorie Social Studies
Huber Sydney Social Studies
Kaur Kawalpreet Social Studies
Kielbasa Kayla Social Studies
Krulder Michael Social Studies
Majid Aneeqa Social Studies
McKnight Taylor Social Studies
Mearkle Emma Social Studies
Miller Brittney Social Studies
Montefusco Regan Social Studies
Nitti Jacob Social Studies
O’Connell Margaret Social Studies
Olsen Laryssa Social Studies
Pace Cristian Social Studies
Pineda Flores Fatima Social Studies
Polak Alexis Social Studies
Schellinger Lia Social Studies
Smith III Kenneth Social Studies
Tedesco Marina Social Studies
Tedesco Marissa Social Studies
Viera Darwin Social Studies
Wallace Justin Social Studies
Walston Destiny Social Studies
Yown Bryan Social Studies
Bunch Taylor Spanish
Denys Iyriy Spanish
Farrell Krista Spanish
Fitzpatrick Aiden Spanish
Kaur Kawalpreet Spanish
Kloppenburg Erik Spanish
Majid Aneeqa Spanish
McKnight Taylor Spanish
Meilunas Eric Spanish
Patel Yash Spanish
Quaranto Kimberly Spanish
Turner Saniya Spanish
Viera Darwin Spanish
Wrobbel April Spanish
Pace Cristian Suffolk Zone
Turner Saniya Suffolk Zone
Bennett Cara Technology
Denys Iyriy Technology
Dunn Kristina Technology
Escobar Brandon Technology
Farrell Krista Technology
Lewandowski Jade Technology
Lewandowski Shayla Technology
Majid Aneeqa Technology
Markowski Ivory Technology
Mohammad Alae Technology
06/16/15 5:59am
06/16/2015 5:59 AM
Karla Vanston with RHS Principal Charles Regan (left) and Assistant Principal Sean O'Hara. (Credit: Riverhead school district)

Karla Vanston with RHS Principal Charles Regan (left) and Assistant Principal Sean O’Hara. (Credit: Riverhead school district)

Neither snow nor rain nor sickness nor senioritis kept Riverhead High School senior Karla Vanston from attending school this year — or any other year, for that matter. (more…)

06/11/15 6:00am
06/11/2015 6:00 AM

Lack of home tutoring services

Two parents addressed the school board Tuesday claiming their children aren’t receiving home tutoring services.

Robin Southard said her 16-year-old daughter suffers from cystic fibrosis and has been out of school since December due to her illness.

“I’m still not getting the home instruction,” she said. “The school year’s almost over. Something needs to be done.”

Raquel Ortiz-Dantzler said her daughter, who’s in seventh grade, has Autism and has been without home tutoring for the past month.

Ms. Carney asked for Ms. Southard’s contact information and said she’ll get back to her. As for Ms. Ortiz-Dantzler, Ms. Carney said she’s already discussed “an alternative” for her daughter’s situation.

Ms. Ortiz-Dantzler claimed no such information has been provided.

“I’m not happy with this answer,” she said.

Ms. Carney then said she would meet with Ms. Ortiz-Dantzler to discuss her concerns.

Allergies and safety on buses

Riverhead school district officials gave a presentation Tuesday to discuss policies for administering medication to students on school buses.

District nurse Dan Hull said that if a student has a life threatening allergy, the district will develop an individual health care plan as a guide for how school officials should respond if a student has an emergency.

Bus drivers must volunteer to receive the training to administer EpiPens.

Transportation director Amala Cain said students who have more serious medical conditions or are unable to self-administer medicine are transported to school on minibuses who have bus monitors trained to administer EpiPens onboard.

Parent Yolanda Thomas said she believes the district should provide aides on school buses instead of assigning students to minibuses, which she described as a punishment.

No district bus driver addressed the school board during the meeting.

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