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05/04/17 4:00pm
05/04/2017 4:00 PM

Riverhead Town is considering having its part-time police officers handle code enforcement duties in an effort to catch-up with a lengthy backlog of complaints.

During the Town Board’s work session Thursday morning, Supervisor Sean Walter suggested having a meeting with code enforcement officials, the police chief and the town’s 10 part-time police officers to see if there’s a way to whittle down nearly 300 open complaints waiting to be addressed.


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05/03/17 12:33pm
05/03/2017 12:33 PM

Riverhead Town is considering a ban on left turns exiting Riverhead Ciderhouse despite a traffic study’s determination that such a requirement would create a more dangerous traffic situation.

The Town Board held a public hearing Tuesday and discussed traffic concerns at the cider house, which is located at Grapes and Greens food processing facility on Sound Avenue in Calverton.


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04/24/17 4:36pm
04/24/2017 4:36 PM

It started the moment the lights dimmed and continued with nearly every question asked.

A large portion of the audience at Congressman Lee Zeldin’s first town hall-style event wanted to make it clear to their representative that they’re frustrated with his performance. And the congressman, while remaining on a mostly even keel, showed he was willing to dish it back.  READ