06/16/16 10:44am
06/16/2016 10:44 AM

Walking through Greenport Village, several bars and restaurants might catch your eye before you notice Brix & Rye. Located on the basement level of Stirling Square, the establishment is practically hidden from the village that surrounds it.

Anyone who has made the trip down the staircase into the bar, however, has surely taken notice of the exposed brick and dim lighting that combine with classic cocktails and live music to create a unique atmosphere.

They’re also sure to remember the man fixing their drink.  (more…)

06/13/16 10:47am
06/13/2016 10:47 AM

My teddy bear, Bjorn, was in a terrible accident 20 years ago.

Bjorn had been my mother’s childhood teddy bear before she gave him to me as a gift back in the 1980s. She had let me play with him when I was younger and I cherished him.

My promise to care for Bjorn was broken when my dog, Lucy, got hold of him.

Two of the bear’s paws and part of its muzzle were chewed away to reveal his sawdust stuffing.

From then on, each time I looked at Bjorn sitting on my shelf, I got a painful reminder of my irresponsibility. I’ve never had him repaired because he’s an antique and I couldn’t find a professional to take care of his wounds — until now.  (more…)

05/20/16 11:02am
05/20/2016 11:02 AM
Wayne Hallock of Hallock Cider Mill in Jamesport is still making his family's clam chowder recipe. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Wayne Hallock of Hallock Cider Mill in Jamesport is still making his family’s clam chowder recipe. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Some people pass down family heirlooms to their relatives, like an old watch, a piece of furniture or a lacy dress.

In Wayne Hallock’s family, they pass down a clam chowder recipe — one that dates back to before the founding of the United States and remains a crowd-pleaser at the family’s farm stand today.  (more…)

05/12/16 6:00am
05/12/2016 6:00 AM


It was 17-year-old Elvio Estrada’s last match of the night after four hours of strength training, intense cardio and jiu-jitsu wrestling at Vamos Mixed Martial Arts in Calverton. But as the teen squirmed on the sweat-slicked mat under his opponent last Thursday night, it was clear he was in trouble. READ