12/18/17 7:00pm
12/18/2017 7:00 PM

My name is Paige Thomas and I am the manager of Gingerbread University.

I come in the morning about an hour or so before we open. I open the register, I make sure all the kits are ready for the day. We bring the houses into this building. We have our production area in a different area. Then we make sure the tables are cleaned and we set up the kits, and make sure everything is stocked.  READ

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12/14/17 6:10am
12/14/2017 6:10 AM

Ben Conard inside the kitchen at the business incubator in Calverton. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

Ben Conard, a 23-year-old entrepreneur, is creating a product at the Stony Brook University Incubator at Calverton that does more than taste good. His company, Five North Chocolate, produces sweets with a message that reaches far beyond Long Island. (more…)