12/05/14 6:00am
12/05/2014 6:00 AM
East Street in Jamesport, a private road. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch file)

East Street in Jamesport, a private road. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch file)

Town Board members say they plan to unveil a list later this month that will outline which private roads in Riverhead Town will get minimal highway services and which won’t receive any.

It makes sense to get the list together before the first storm of the season hits, but there’s a glaring hole in their plan: They have no system in place on how to accurately poll the residents who live on these roads in order to figure out who wants the town’s help and who does not. (more…)

12/04/14 6:00am
12/04/2014 6:00 AM
The Meeting House Creek Inn in Aquebogue is seeking to expand its second floor, although not to add more seats. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

The Meeting House Creek Inn in Aquebogue. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

To the editor:

In reading your editorial in last week’s edition of the News-Review, you end the article with the words “Phil’s Restaurant in Wading River will open a new location next year at Meeting House Creek in Aquebogue.”

Have all the permits been approved for that to happen? Actually, wasn’t that supposed to happen this past September, according to an article in your newspaper? Then you had to update your coverage, since during the last week before the scheduled closing of Meeting House Creek Inn, that restaurant’s owner signed another year-long lease.

Also, you have published an advertisement from the Jamesport Manor Inn as being “the only restaurant on the North Fork that is offering Sunday brunch.” This is just not true. Why do you totally ignore the Meetinghouse Creek Inn restaurant that is currently open in Aquebogue, and has remained open and has been offering a Sunday buffet brunch probably for most of their 20 plus years in operation? Why are they being ignored? I like the Meetinghouse Creek Inn, Tom, Leslie and their staff.

It’s a great local restaurant that offers good food and a friendly atmosphere. Let’s not rush them out of business.

Michelle Kropp, South Jamesport

11/30/14 8:00am
11/30/2014 8:00 AM
(Credit: Celia Iannelli)

(Credit: Celia Iannelli)

Of late, I’ve been fascinated with cloud formations. I head down to my “sacred spot” at the beach almost daily to photograph the ever-changing sky. I especially enjoy taking shots of the magnificent sunrises and sunsets — so much so that I’ve dubbed myself a “sky junkie.” I sometimes post my pictures on Facebook with a few descriptive words taken from a song or poem.  (more…)

11/29/14 8:00am
11/29/2014 8:00 AM
Deer in the backyard of a Southold home. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)

Deer in the backyard of a Southold home. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)

Our woodlands are under attack. It’s not the first time. By 1750, loggers had removed nearly all trees and brush from Wading River to Southold. Action was taken. Laws were enacted. As a result, our woodlands came back. But unless steps are taken, and soon, the North Fork may once again experience a near total loss of our woodlands, which in turn will endanger not only wildlife but the protection of our land and our waters.  (more…)

11/26/14 4:30pm
11/26/2014 4:30 PM
Thanksgiving night 2012 at Target in Riverhead. (Credit: Grant Parpan, file)

Thanksgiving night 2012 at Target in Riverhead. (Credit: Grant Parpan, file)

“We are offering our shoppers options so that family and friends can choose to come together Thanksgiving evening after they have enjoyed their celebrations,” announced Steve Tanger, president and CEO of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.

Tanger Outlets stores in Riverhead and elsewhere in the U.S. will open at 6 p.m. this Thursday, Thanksgiving, for what the Tanger company is calling “Moonlight Madness.” In his statement about the earlier-than-ever hours for the outlet centers, Mr. Tanger went on to call shopping on Thanksgiving “a new family tradition.”

I place shopping — and with that, working — on Thanksgiving right up there with some other new American family traditions, including:

• needing two incomes to pursue home ownership,

• contributing to a 401(k) instead of receiving a pension and

• blowing entire paychecks on gasoline and home heating oil.

Catch the theme here?