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10/07/2014 1:50 PM
Homeside Florist

Homeside Florist

Sponsored By Glenwood Village.

An Active Adult Community for Eastern Long Island

Over the years Riverhead has expanded, building up and out. There’s a lot to see and do on a daily basis. From shopping to farm stands, here’s what you will find within a five-mile radius of Glenwood Village; an active adult community.

Fresh Fruits, Veggies, & Of Course, Pumpkins!

Anderson's Farmstand

Anderson’s Farmstand

Anderson’s Farm Stand is right on County Road 58 in Riverhead. Currently they are selling fall vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, and squash, along with different fruits including watermelons. Of course, as with many North Fork farm stands, you will find pumpkins and gourds on bales of hay!

North Fork Wine Trail


The beginning of the growing North Fork Wine Trail is right on Sound Avenue in Riverhead. Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is closest to Glenwood Village, and is fun to enjoy all year round. Whether it be sampling wines in the tasting house or visiting the rescue horses, this vineyard has a lot to offer. It’s the first stop heading east and the perfect place to start a day of touring the vineyards.

Family Fun & Dining

Smitty's American Grill

Smitty’s American Grill

There are many attractions for families to enjoy in Riverhead. In summer Splish Splash is a great way to cool off, while the Long Island Aquarium has fun exhibitions year round. A newcomer to the scene is The All Star bowling alley and arcade. When the fun has been had for the day, families can visit the sister establishment, Smitty’s All American Grill. This new eatery is right within the bowling alley, and players can enjoy a family meal before or after a few games.

Flowers & More Flowers

Homeside Florist

Homeside Florist

Fall may be here but there is still plenty of gardening to be done. There are many local shops, in addition to larger supply stores, that offer a variety of plants and tools for your horticultural needs. Farms like Garden of Eve and Homeside Florist & Greenhouses offer flowers by the bunch along with potted types like mums. Chains such as Talmage Farm Agway are also within close distance.

Big Box Stores

Best Buy - Big Box Store

Best Buy – Big Box Store

Our area offers a number of wonderful local businesses, but there are some things you just have to pick up from one of the big box stores. Best Buy for example has a huge selection of music and DVDs for entertainment, as well as the systems to enjoy these items. If you need large home items such as a new mattress, there is the Sleepy’s full retail store and also an outlet a little further down the street.

Now that you know what’s near, go shop, tour and explore these great local places in Riverhead! Want to see what else is nearby? Check out other places they suggest here (http://www.glenwoodvillage.com/suggested_websites.html). When you are in the neighborhood stop by for a home preview at Glenwood Village.

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Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 5.03.35 PM

Sponsored By REVCO Lighting and Electrical Supply.

Since 1978, REVCO Lighting + Electrical Supply is known for being up on the latest trends and newest products for the residential, commercial, industrial and retail markets.

As the weather begins to cool and thermostats begin to rise, there are a few things to take into consideration to keep your family and your home safe. October 5 marks the beginning of Fire Prevention Week, and we have some simple tips to help keep you protected.

Check Your Smoke Detector Monthly


Smoke detectors are mandatory in all buildings, and for good reason. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 37% of home fire deaths result from fires in which no smoke alarms are present. Typically these devices are battery operated, and will alert you when it is time to change the battery. It is still wise to check your smoke alarms monthly to ensure all of the features are working properly. Smoke alarms should be placed on every floor and outside of each bedroom. They are very affordable, making it that much easier to protect your family from a home fire.

Unplug The Unnecessary

Unplugged Applicances

Unplugged Applicances

Not making toast? Unplug the toaster oven. There are many household items that require electricity, but they don’t need to take up space on the counter or continually draw energy when not in use. Items such as coffee makers, microwaves, computer chargers, lamps, and more can be left unplugged easily. In the event of a power surge, the outlets that normally house the devices may still be affected, but the items will not be damaged.

Fix Faulty Outlets Immediately

Faulty outlet

Faulty outlet

Properly secured outlets make all the difference in helping to protect your home from potential fires. Exposed wires are dangerous, especially in areas of the house where they can come into contact with water such as bathrooms or kitchens. Young children could also be harmed if they tamper with the wires. It is important to have a professional assess the outlet to ensure it is properly and safely installed.

Surge Protectors Work

Surge protectors for multiple electrical devices

Surge protectors for multiple electrical devices

There are some things that are just difficult to plug and unplug in your home, such as your home desktop computer, printer, and router, or even the family entertainment system. If you have a number of cords drawing power from one source, a surge protector is a great way to keep those items protected. Surge protectors are an affordable necessity now that homes are becoming more and more hi-tech.

Upgrade Your Electrical Service

Old wiring in your home may be causing a decrease in power, which is not only an inconvenience, but can actually damage sensitive electronics. Older homes especially need to have services upgraded to not only ensure safety, but efficiency. Companies like REVCO use a number of top rated vendors you can choose from based on your needs and budget. You can see a full list here (http://www.revco.org/electrical/).

Fires can spark from a number of things, but with proper preparedness you can help prevent damage to your home and keep your family safe.

09/22/14 11:59am
09/22/2014 11:59 AM

Emily Bosworth running away

Bathing suit season may be over, but that doesn’t mean your body has to stop moving. Let’s face it, the treadmill in the corner of your living room isn’t cutting it, and there are more exciting ways to stay active this fall. From nature trails to special classes to fitness challenges, here are some fun ways to stay fit in Riverhead.

Sponsored By Riverhead Recreation Center.

The mission of the Town of Riverhead Parks & Recreation Department is to enrich the lives of residents through diverse, affordable programs and special events, for people of all ages; as well as provide safe, friendly parks, beaches and community centers for everyone to enjoy.


Ready for a challenge? Riverhead Recreation Department is hosting the 2014 October 30 Day Fitness Challenge this fall. The idea is simple – stay active for 55 minutes a day for 30 days! Participants will be provided with a calendar of various exercises that can be completed within 55 minutes, and offer substitutions for activities depending on what you feel most comfortable with. At the end of the challenge, a winner will be chosen based on the number of challenges completed. The registration deadline is September 30.

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness

A new trend in fitness is exercising in the air. That’s right, through the use of silks and special fabrics, aerial fitness combines the styles of yoga, gymnastics, and training in a unique and fun workout program. While this type of activity may seem challenging, studios like Aerial Fitness and Hot Yoga in Riverhead offers numerous classes for all levels. The studio houses three spaces to accommodate multiple types of training in addition to aerial fitness. Classes include TRX, Hot Yoga and Pilates and the newest RealRyder Cycling studio where stationary bikes are a thing of the past as RealRyder bikes move, flow and turn with your body yielding a better workout and core challenge. It’s a fun and exciting way to keep your body going!

Stozky Park Fitness Trail

Trails & Parks

Riverhead is home to a number of nature trails and parks that are open year round. Stotzky Park has a 1-mile fitness trail with 12 stations of various exercises to enhance your outdoor experience. There are also sports courts and fields at the park for leagues or just fun one-on-one play. You can also take your bike to Veteran’s Memorial park and cycle through the 3-mile path, or go for a long, brisk run.

Maximus Gym Class Gear

New Gym, New Classes

A recent addition to the Riverhead fitness scene is the new Maximus Health & Fitness center in downtown Riverhead. The gym has a number of features and equipment for you to workout on your own, or if you prefer classes, there are options available from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., perfect for varying schedules. Whether you want to join a spin class for indoor cycling or the energetic dance class with Zumba, there are unique ways to keep your blood pumping and body going.

Stella Aquino 2

Don’t Forget The Pup!

Our four-legged friends love to play just as much as we do. Be sure to set some time aside for your pup and take him on a trip to the dog park. “Duke” Dog Park (located behind Stozky Park) is the perfect place to let your dog run free. The gated in area is secure, so you can feel free to let your dog off the leash. There are also benches and playthings for dogs beneath the shaded area, keeping you and your best friend cool.

With the cooler weather coming in, being out in the sun only gets more enjoyable. Now that you know of these great fitness activities, get out there and play!

09/15/14 10:34am
09/15/2014 10:34 AM
Young golfer teeing up at Great Rock Golf Course.

Young golfer teeing up at Great Rock Golf Course.

Sponsored By Great Rock Golf Club.

Under new ownership and open for play. Open 7 days a week. In addition to our 18 hole course we have a full practice facility with driving range and short game area.

4 Ways For Kids To Enjoy Golf This Season

It’s that time of year again when the kids are getting ready to go back to school. While daytime play may be coming to an end, the school golf season is beginning and young golfers still have the opportunity to play through the fall. Here are four ways to get kids ready for fun on the green.

1. When To Start Swinging A Club

Young golfer swings a club at Great Rock Golf Course.

Riley McKinnon swings a club at Great Rock Golf Course.

One question many parents have is when should their child start learning about the game of golf. While the answer may seem cliché, studies have shown the younger a player is, the better they will become in the long run. The best age to play is as soon as a child can swing a club. Learning the fundamentals of a golf swing before learning to play other school sports like baseball, lacrosse, and hockey can help develop muscle memory needed for these types of sports that involve swinging.

2. The Best Course Levels For Kids

Course for beginners at Great Rock Gold Course.

Course for beginners at Great Rock Gold Course.

Beginners should spend 95% of their time on the range and at the practice areas of the golf course. There are many lessons to be learned before getting on the green, such as etiquette, rules, safety, club distances, and the fundamentals of each type of shot. Kids are eager to hit the links, so starting them from 150 yards out is ideal to keep the game fun and interesting. Children are less likely to get to the green in the same amount of shots as an adult player, so starting further in keeps them from getting discouraged and also allows them to really enjoy the sport. The best time to play with your child is after 4 p.m., which is perfect for after school play.

3. Great Gear For Play

Set of beginner clubs.

Set of beginner clubs.

As with any other clothing purchased for kids, it is important to keep in mind that they will grow out of it quickly. The same goes for gear. Stores like Golfsmith’s and Pete’s Golf have professionals on hand to help size clubs for kids, and also provide some tips on the best gear for different age groups. Kids are also very impressionable, and want the same gear tour players wear, which can be a bit expensive. If you are on a budget, websites like uskidsgolf.com is a great alternative to the big name brands.

4. Best Tip For Beginners is to have fun.

The most important tip for new golfers is to have fun! Golf is a sport that can be played well into your 80’s and 90’s, so there is plenty of time to improve on your game. It is also crucial to remember that the pros seen on television have spent countless hours on the course each week to get where they are today. No one has ever become a pro at any sport overnight. Proper practice, lessons, hard work and dedication will increase your performance from childhood into your adult years.

Whether teaching your child how to play as a bonding activity or helping them on their local sports team, golf is a great way to keep kids active and healthy. It is a fun sport that can be enjoyed most months out of the year, and for decades to come. Now, time to start swinging!

08/11/14 2:33pm
08/11/2014 2:33 PM
Great Rock Golf Club

Great Rock Golf Club

Sponsored By Great Rock Golf Club.

Under new ownership and open for play. Open 7 days a week. In addition to our 18 hole course we have a full practice facility with driving range and short game area.

Golf, like many sports, requires commitment, dedication, and tenacity. The game is a perfect way to spend an afternoon outdoors with friends or family.

But with the hot summer sun beating down on your back, it can be a little hard to stay focused. Whether playing a full 18-hole game or spending an hour at the driving range, it’s important to be cautious of summer heat.

Luckily, golf pros and enthusiasts can keep cool on the green with these helpful tips. (more…)

07/15/14 10:51am
07/15/2014 10:51 AM
Orient State Park

Orient State Park

Sponsored By Glenwood Village.

An Active Adult Community for Eastern Long Island.

The North Fork is home to more than just beautiful beaches. Summer brings many activities to the area and this season Glenwood Village has put together a list of recommended ideas that those over 50 can enjoy during a weekend visit.

Start off your weekend on the North Fork by enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over Gardiners Bay. You can even bring some fishing gear and have a chance at catching some striped bass and flounder.

Gardiners Bay - Bug Lighthouse

Gardiners Bay – Bug Lighthouse

Once the sun has risen, spend the afternoon walking the beaches of Orient. After that, take a trip to the old whaling port in nearby Greenport. The whaling ports were once home to over two dozen large whaling vessels, which made over hundreds of voyages between the 1790s and the Civil War. See this historic piece of the North Fork while enjoying the beautiful harbors and outdoor summer weather.

North Ferry to Shelter Island

North Ferry to Shelter Island

Continue your day by spending an afternoon on Shelter Island — easy access to the Island is provided by the North Ferry Co. in Greenport. Once on Shelter Island, head to Picozzi’s Service Station and rent a bicycle. Tour the Island with your bike while getting some great exercise.

Corey Creek Vines

Corey Creek Vines

End your day back on the North Fork, first by visiting the Corey Creek winery in Southold and sampling some North Fork wines.

Finish the weekend by taking a trip to Riverhead. Visit the Atlantis Marine World and catch a glimpse of what is under the sea that surrounds you. Special attractions and exhibits are available ,such as taking a seat in the trainer’s chair and working with sea lions and seals.

Long Island Aquarium

Long Island Aquarium

After you visit the underwater life, catch some great deals on your favorite apparel at Tanger Outlet Center in Riverhead. Once you work up an appetite shopping, grab some dessert at Turkuaz Grill downtown and fill up on homemade rice pudding or an ice cream sundae.


These activities are sure to fill your weekend on the North Fork with fun and enjoyable experiences. You will feel like a North Fork pro once you take part in these activities on your visit to this wonderful summer area.

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Skatepark 055

Ammermann Riverfront Park

Sponsored By Riverhead Recreation Center.

The mission of the Town of Riverhead Parks & Recreation Department is to enrich the lives of residents through diverse, affordable programs and special events, for people of all ages; as well as provide safe, friendly parks, beaches and community centers for everyone to enjoy.

A typical commute to work for most of us on the East End of Long Island includes a stop at the deli for some breakfast, the corner gas station to fill up, and perhaps running a few errands on the way. This routine trip is just that, routine. We generally don’t drive off the beaten path and take a look around.

Did you know that the Town of Riverhead owns and operates over 40 parks and beaches? Many of them you probably didn’t even know existed, where they are located, or what is available to do there. We’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite hidden treasures to share with you and hope you find them as special as we do.

First on the list is the beautiful Ammermann Riverfront Park, located directly behind the Main Street store fronts on the south side along the Peconic River. Many of you have probably already been to this park without even realizing it. Whether you were at the Long Island Aquarium or dining at one of the numerous Main Street eateries, you’ve most likely been here.

With sculpted boat moorings and scattered park benches and gazebos lining the boardwalk, Ammermann is a great place to visit at any time of the day. An extra perk to this public venue is it is the host of the Recreation Department’s annual Snapper Tournament held in September every year.

Skatepark 023

Milton L. Burns Park

Jumping across to the west side of Peconic Avenue, you’ll come across Milton L. Burns Park. Before this title, the park was known as Grangebel Park.

Timothy Griffing, a distinguished member of the Riverhead community and former head of the Suffolk County Bar Association built this park to surround his own residence, naming it after his three daughters Grace, Angeline, and Mabel. The new name and honoree, Milton L. Burns is a Veteran, war hero and former town supervisor.

This park, with a great view of the Peconic River, is decorated with various sculptures, a waterfall, and an amphitheater performance stage. A great location for your lunch break, a good read or to catch up on a little “me” time.


Weeping Willow Park

With all this talk about the Peconic River, we can’t forget to mention the newly opened Weeping Willow Canoe/Kayak launch, previously home to the Weeping Willow Motel on West Main Street. Whether you own or rent a canoe or kayak, this is a perfect location to jump on in and paddle down the river, take in the beautiful scenery and check out a few of the parks along the way.

Looking for a location to enjoy a quiet picnic, pickup ball game, or somewhere new for the kids to play outside? Police Officer’s Memorial Park is the place for you. Formerly known as Bayberry Park, the quaint and peaceful park is located on Bayberry Road in Wading River.

With a baseball field, basketball, tennis and handball courts, as well as several shaded picnic areas, there is so much for you to enjoy. A perk to visiting this town park is its close proximity to Wading River Beach: the perfect place to cool down after a full day of activities.


Veteran’s Memorial Park

Heading up-Island as we East Enders would say, let us take a look at one of our newest and grandest parks, Veteran’s Memorial Park in Calverton. Here you will find the town’s first dog park, Isaac Park, and the home field to the Riverhead Tomcats. The Tomcats are a member of the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League and will be hosting all of their home games at one of the 4 ball fields located here. With a three mile bike/cardio path surrounding the park, future plans include the construction of four multi-purpose fields, tennis and basketball courts, multiple playgrounds, volleyball and bocce courts, and an amphitheater. Only a half-mile from the Riverhead/Brookhaven town border, Veteran’s Park is a central location for people of all communities to congregate.

As we look to expand our social borders and open our programs to surrounding townships, we’re adding bigger and better features to several of our facilities for all to enjoy.

So next time you are out on that boring commute to work or running errands around town, take a look around and we guarantee you’ll run into one of Riverhead’s numerous parks or beaches.


Veteran’s Memorial Park

Please contact the Riverhead Recreation department for even more hidden treasures and stay up to date with all of the new and improved programs and events. Visit www.RiverheadRecreation.com or call 631-727-5744 for more information.

06/13/14 1:06pm


Sponsored By Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning.

Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning is a customer focused heating and air-conditioning company that was originally started in 1954. Located in Flanders NY, we employ highly trained people whose goal is to make our company the best service company in the East End.

One Quick and Easy DIY Tip to Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable this Summer!

Here’s the thing: the harder any piece of mechanical equipment has to work, the more energy it uses, and the quicker it needs service or repair. Look at it this way — if you change the oil in your car regularly, and keep the tires inflated, your car lasts longer and you get much better gas mileage, right?

Well, the same thinking holds true for your home’s central air conditioning system — do a little regular maintenance and not only will you pay a whole lot less to PSE&G, but the system itself will last years longer.

While it’s best to have a certified HVAC service professional perform an annual maintenance on your system in order to repair sealed areas, clean coils and fins, and adjust both the blower and refrigerant as needed, the one thing that you can do is replace your systems air filter on a regular basis.

Think of your AC system as something that breathes: the air filter is like a fine mask that traps dust and particulates so they don’t circulate through your home. But as they accumulate, the system needs to work much harder to ‘inhale’ — which means that you’ll use more energy and increase wear on the overall system. Plus, over time, clogged filter often give way, allowing dust and allergens to circulate throughout your house.

Luckily, the fix is an easy one — Just Change your Filter. And here’s how to do it:

1) Turn Off The Power:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to TURN OFF your Indoor Air Conditioning Unit before servicing the unit. Simply locate the safety switch, which looks like a light switch, on the blower, air handler or furnace, and switch it off. In some cases, the switch may be at the top of the basement stairs or on the wall next to the indoor unit.

2) Locate Your Filter:

Air Filters are always located in the airflow stream of your system, typically, in one of two places, the main living area, or the basement. In the main living area, air filter access will be on the return air-duct register: look for a large rectangular grate, usually located on either a wall or ceiling, often in a central hallway. If it is in the basement, it will be part of the air-handler unit, usually by your furnace. In this case, look for a panel or door (sometimes marked “Filter”) mounted near the blower motor. In either location, the panel or grate can either slide off or easily be removed with a screwdriver.

3) Clean or Replace Your Filter:

Once you have located the filter, check to see if it is disposable, or intended to be cleaned and reused. If the filter is disposable, simply discard and replace with a new one, taking care to match the arrows with the direction of the air flow. If it is a reusable filter, cleaning instructions are usually printed on the filter itself. In most cases, cleaning involves simply rinsing the filter with a garden hose and allowing it to dry throughly before placing back in the unit.

4) Once your filter has been either cleaned or replaced, secure the panels and/or grates in reverse order. Then, turn on the safety switch and restart you system.

And that’s all there is to it! Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way. Stay cool, and have a great Summer!