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Design your home in this active, adult community.

Moving to a new home can be a tedious experience, but it can also be one of the most exciting. This is a chance at a fresh start, and an opportunity to make your new abode the place you are happy to call home. Decorating possibilities are endless when you start with a clean slate, no matter the size of your living spaces. Make your new humble home yours with these tips on brightening and expanding the different areas in your new house.

Clean Slate


Before you make the big move, give the rooms in your home a clean slate with a fresh coat of paint. Light colors such as off-white, beige, and even subtle grays can open up a space, and offer a neutral backdrop to accommodate various home furnishings. If you’re not in the market to do a complete home makeover, this simple step will allow for your existing furniture to fit in well, and create a bright atmosphere that makes the room feel larger. Cooler shades like blues and greens are other options, and are the perfect shades to complement North Fork living.

Less Is More

Less is more

Over the years we accumulate precious mementos from our lives. Family photos, heirlooms passed down from parents and grandparents (which we later pass down to our own children and grandchildren), knickknacks, and more serve as fond reminders of days past. While these are things we long to hold onto, they can take up a great deal of space, making rooms feel small and cluttered. Keep spaces open and free by utilizing furniture that can often double as storage. Trunks and ottomans as coffee tables are a great way to tuck away these treasures, along with dressers that can serve as chic TV stands in the living room.

Large Accessories


Adorning the walls in your home with large art prints or mirrors can do wonders to open up a space. Mirrors placed on walls adjacent to windows can brighten up a room and add more natural light, and reflect the cool tones of the painted walls as well. Just a couple of these strategically placed items can make a big statement, so choose one large piece of artwork as opposed to several smaller pieces. Give the illusion of higher ceilings with floor-length curtains regardless of window size. Choose these window fixtures within your light color palette to give the feeling of the easy breezy summer days we love on the North Fork.

New Furniture Style


Modern pieces are trending in interior design, and work well in both large and small spaces. Give your living room an airy look with raised furniture such as accent chairs with longer legs in light colors. Glass dining tables give the appearance of more space than there actually is, and are easy to clean. A good bed frame is multifunctional in that it makes the room look larger the higher off of the floor it is, and will also give you additional storage space. Keep it light and bright here too by sticking with shades of cream, pastels, and other cool colors.

There are an abundance of family-owned antique shops, furniture stores, home improvement options on the East End of Long Island to help you create the cozy home of your dreams. Keep these fun yet simple steps in mind when decorating your new home, and add touches of personality with your favorite accessories and furnishings. Welcome home!

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Catholic Schools. Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Catholic Schools Week?

Catholic Schools Week is an annual event, celebrated across the country during the last week in January. The week is set aside to celebrate the unique nature of the Catholic schools in each community. In addition to the internal events (teacher and parent recognition events, school ‘spirit’ days, special assemblies, etc) it is also a week where the schools open their doors to the families of the Parish/Parishes they serve, and to the general public who might be considering the benefits of a Catholic education.

As a school family, how do I participate?

Each school publishes a complete list of events and activities taking place in their school during the week. School families are encouraged to visit the web site of their school.

As a family considering a Catholic education, how do I learn more?

Catholic Schools Week features Open Houses at the schools where parents and students can visit the school(s) they think they might be interested in and get a tour of the facility, be introduced to the teachers, meet some of the current families and children and generally learn about the academic, spiritual, social and physical development programs.

As a prospective family, do I have an ‘assigned school’?

One of the first differences you will notice about Catholic school is that you get to select the school that you believe your children will be most successful in. There is no direct ‘assignment’ based on where you live and most school districts provide busing to the school of your choice within a 15-mile radius.

Is there a difference in tuition to attend a different school?

Long Island’s Catholic Elementary schools set their own tuitions, so they vary slightly, but there is no penalty for choosing a school outside of your Parish or town if you are a Parishioner in the Diocese. The system of schools is an asset here on Long Island for all of the families of the Diocese and for all of the families of Long Island.

Are non-Catholics welcome in the schools?

The schools are welcoming places to everyone without regard to race, religion or national origin. A religion class is a requirement, students participate in Liturgies, and faith is an integrated part of daily activities, but many schools have a significant population of students who attend because of the quality of the education alone.

OLM Band Close up

What should parents look for during their visit?

Many parents of current students tell us that their decision was emotional and based on a feeling of warmth and caring they got during their visit. Others are more analytical and make direct comparisons based on the results on standardized test scores and high school admittance history. Regardless of how you make your decision, the schools are ‘open books’ during this week, providing whatever information prospective families desire to support their decision. There is also a series of video interviews on the licatholicelementaryschools.org web site where current parents offer their advice on how to get the most out of your visit.

When parents select Catholic elementary school, what are the most frequently cited reasons?

The reasons that are most frequently mentioned are: academic excellence, the reinforcement of the values lived at home, Catholic religious identity, a safe, nurturing environment for learning, more individualized attention to each student’s learning needs, an outstanding extracurricular program and the level of partnership established with parents.

Will attending Catholic elementary schools help my child get into a prestigious Catholic high school?

Attending a Catholic elementary school isn’t the only way to get into a Catholic high school, but it is still the best way. The Catholic high schools are open to all students and typically have a very significant number of students from a public school background. Students qualify for Catholic high school through a test for 8th graders that is administered in October of each year. Typically the students from Catholic elementary schools are best prepared for the academic rigor, the integrated program of faith and values, and the service orientation of the high schools. Virtually all of the students from Catholic elementary school (99 percent) are admitted to a Catholic high school with the vast majority getting into the school that is their first choice.

How can I learn more or choose the school(s) I would like to visit?

There is a resource for families on the Internet that provides a very complete picture of the Catholic elementary school experience. It features an interactive map that is your guide to each of Long island’s distinctive Catholic schools, and that lets you view the geographic options for your children at http://licatholicelementaryschools.org.