01/31/11 12:55pm
01/31/2011 12:55 PM

The Ever Ready Engine Company No. 3 installed new officers on Jan. 22 at Stonewalls Restaurant. They include: Captain Ed Hodun, 1st Lt. Tom Pipczynski, 2nd Lt. Kenny Nabrezny, Secretary Josh Berezny, and Treasurer Frank Totten. The captain for the years 2009 and 2010 was Joe Densieski, who received plaques and awards for his years of service as captain. Other awards included a 25-year plaque given to ex-Chief Kevin Davis for years of service, and the prestigious A. Lloyd Case award, presented to firefighter Joe Bernat for his hard work and dedicated service to the company. Thank you to Georgette Case, the late A. Lloyd Case’s daughter, who assisted with the presentation. A round of thanks also goes to the committee, which handled the evening’s festivities.

Aaron Green, a 2010 Riverhead High School graduate, and currently a freshman at SUNY/Cortland, eclipsed the NCAA provisional standard in the triple jump and finished fifth, with an NCAA provisional distance of 47 feet 2.25 inches. In his senior year of high school Aaron suffered a torn meniscus; this was his first jump since his surgery. His parents, Aaron and Yvonne, are truly proud of their son.

The Peconic Bay Medical Center auxiliary will be having a bake sale on Valentine’s Day, Monday, Feb. 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of the cafeteria. Stop by and say hello, and while you’re there consider supporting the auxiliary by purchasing some delicious homemade goodies. Roses and carnations will also be sold in the gift shop. Proceeds will benefit the hospital.

February is Black History Month. The children’s department at Riverhead Free Library has many resources available to students needing information about important African-Americans and their contributions to our country. So browse the displays and ask about informative bibliography. The staff will be glad to help you with all your needs.

The RCFA Variety Show will be held Friday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. in the Riverhead High School auditorium. See Calendar for more details.

Happy birthday to Stephanie Gill, Jude Petrowski and Tom Troyan on Feb. 4; Melvin Henderson Jr. and Sydney Kito, Feb. 5; Ethan Baumack, Feb. 6; Nancy Carney (Superintendent of Schools), Feb. 7; Samuel Quartararo (who turns 1) and Emily Hulse (who also turns 1), Feb. 8; and Jane Hill and Lynn Kobylenski, Feb. 9. Be sure to celebrate.

Get well wishes to Harold Schaefer and Richie Gadzinski.

01/31/11 12:12pm

COURTESY PHOTO | Warren McKnight of Riverhead marries actors Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin on the North Fork set of 'The Romantics.'

They’ll be rolling out the red carpet at Floyd Memorial Library Friday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. for the North Fork premiere of “The Romantics,” the Katie Holmes movie filmed in Southold in November 2009.

The film debuted in New York City last September but never came to a theatre in this area. For many residents, the library screening will be the first time they’ll get the chance to see their friends who appeared as extras and the familiar settings, including Old Field Vineyard and the Southold Yacht Club, where the film was shot.

“We’re hoping they’ll come and hoping they’ll wear tiaras, evening gowns and tuxedos,” library assistant director Poppy Johnson said about the local people who appear in the film.

“Of course, some people may find they ended up on the cutting room floor,” she said.

Floyd Memorial’s premiere had to await release of the DVD, which will now become part of the library’s collection, Ms. Johnson said.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” she said. “This is not the usual serious movie presentation at the library,” she said. “It’s going to be a lot of rowdy people saying, ‘That’s me,’” as their images appear on the screen.

Among the 100 or so residents who took part in the shooting were Ms. Johnson’s mother, Martha Johnson, of Greenport; Riverhead banjo player Warren McKnight; and Southold residents Kate Nickles and Bob and Audrey Rothman.

Mr. McKnight played a minister in a marriage scene. At the New York City premiere at the Regal Union Square Stadium Theater, he was invited on stage with Ms. Holmes, Anna Paquin, Elijah Wood and Adam Brody to answer audience questions.

Duds suitable for a Hollywood premier are not required for the library screening. For those who prefer more laid back attire for the event, all are welcome to wear whatever suits them, Ms. Johnson said.

But expect red carpet arrivals with lights and paparazzi, Ms. Johnson joked. Popcorn, she added, will be available during the screening.

[email protected]

01/31/11 11:50am

Well, here we are, friends and neighbors. We are officially into February. Not much longer and it will be spring. I know I’m looking forward to March 21. I usually want time to slow down but now I want it to speed up for a bit and hurry past this month. I’m so tired of winter, snow and cold.

I don’t have much news for my column this week. I think everyone is hibernating, like me, or recuperating from shoveling out so many times, so this column is going to be short and sweet.

James Peterson earned the rank of Eagle Scout in December. For his project he built a United States flag retirement pit at the Brookhaven Firefighters Museum in Ridge. There is a drop-off box for anyone who has a flag in need of retirement. He truly did a beautiful job. His parents, Jim and Debbie, are very proud. Congratulations, James, on a job well done!

With all this snow around I’d like to ask everyone to not push or blow the snow back out into the roadway when clearing your driveway. I know it’s a pain in the neck and the end of your driveway is like a wall of ice, but that snow you’ve thrown back in the roadway causes dangerous conditions for anyone walking or standing nearby, like students on the way to the bus stop. I know it’s not the first thing on your mind when you’re hip-deep in the mess and freezing, but if everyone could just stop doing that, it would make us moms who have kids standing out in the street breathe a lot easier.

Belated happy birthday to Jill Konkel, who celebrated on Jan. 31, from your husband, your daughters and all your friends and family. We hope you had a wonderful day.

See what I mean? That’s all for this week. Please call or e-mail me with any news you’d like to share — birthdays, anniversaries, etc.. I can’t wait to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, drive safely, and remember, spring is right around the corner.

01/31/11 11:49am


9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.

7:15 p.m. Riverhead Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Hall.


2 p.m. Riverhead Town Board, Town Hall.


7 p.m. Riverhead Farmland Preservation Committee, Town Hall.

7 p.m. Riverhead Fire District.

7:30 p.m. Jamesport Fire District.


9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.

7 p.m. Riverhead Planning Board, Town Hall.

01/31/11 10:55am

There were 76 cases on the docket in Riverhead Town Justice Richard Ehlers’ court on Jan. 24. The following are among those adjudicated.

• Karen Davis, 49, of Third Street in Greenport pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, reduced from petit larceny, and was fined $300.

• Charges of second-degree burglary and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument against Dana Nicoletti, 27, of Tallmadge Trail in Miller Place were dismissed in town court, as she was indicted in county court.

01/31/11 9:27am

Frank and I were heading to his daughter’s home for the evening. To save time, Frank suggested that we order takeout. I nixed the idea, saying that throwing together a quick meal was no big deal. Or so I thought.

I don’t know how it happened. While heating up leftover spaghetti sauce in my microwave, I suddenly heard a “pop.” The dish (supposedly microwave safe) exploded, spewing tomato sauce throughout the microwave. I reached for a paper towel and, wouldn’t you know it, the holder was empty. The only thing immediately available was a clean white dish towel.

I gingerly opened the microwave door, and yikes! The dish towel could not stem the tide of sauce flowing onto my stove. I watched helplessly as bright red tomato sauce continued its downward journey, splattering my wood floor with red dots. (Come to think of it, the whole scene looked pretty gruesome.)

Frank heard my moaning and groaning, along with some expletives. He meandered into the kitchen and suffered a moment of incomprehension and shock. However, being Frank, he recovered quickly. He hopefully asked, “Is that … um, the spaghetti sauce?”

Stony silence.


“It’s spaghetti sauce!”

Calmly Frank said, “Ceil, stuff happens.”

I wasn’t in the mood for “reasonable” and snapped, “Why me and why now?”

“Well, I could have gone for takeout.”

Frank recognized the murderous look in my eyes and walked out of the kitchen. He returned with three rolls of paper towels and together we cleaned up the mess.

Frank was correct on all counts (yup, even about the takeout). Unexpected stuff does happen.

My spaghetti sauce debacle was very small potatoes compared with the unforeseen dreadful things that some of us have suffered. You know, the stuff that brought us to our knees, or the thing we thought we couldn’t live through. Enough said, for now.

Then there’s the good stuff, like falling in love. Many folks turn to the match-em-up networking sites, where they have hopeful expectations that they may meet someone resembling their ideal. Or, there’s love that comes from out of the blue. Either way, you’re unexpectedly walking on air and singing schmaltzy songs.

I wasn’t remotely looking for a relationship when I met Frank and, to my knowledge, neither was he. We were seated at the same table at a mutual friend’s wedding. Frank asked me to dance, and love joined in.

The unexpected good doesn’t have to be as big as falling in love. If we’re open to what comes along each day, our brain will signal, “Good stuff!”

I attend a study group that meets on Thursday mornings. This particular morning our discussion veered to an unexpected topic. Our dialogue, although eclectic, was compelling, tender and lively. The class was so enjoyable that we all agreed that our time together passed too quickly.

Here’s more unexpected good stuff that can make our day:

• Receiving a call from an old friend.

• Being paid a compliment, especially if you’re having a bad hair day.

• Hearing a forecast of rain, and seeing the sun.

• Receiving flowers for no reason.

• Your kid shovels the snow without you asking.

• Getting an invitation to an impromptu get-together.

• The gas gauge reads empty, and you make it to the service station.

Well, OK, winning the lottery will do it, too.

Naturally, it’s always easier to accept the good when it comes, and conversely, we gotta learn to accept the bad, with grace. But alas, there are no red lights blinking wildly to warn, “Crisis, crisis, ahead.”

Our carefully made plans may go awry; pain, sorrow, disillusionment and disappointment may occur unbidden. When the unpleasant stuff appears from out of nowhere, the only thing to do is to throw on a life preserver and go with the flow.

But wait! In the event of another exploding spaghetti sauce incident, the said flow will have to go on without me.

Ms. Iannelli is a resident of Jamesport.

01/31/11 8:47am

Editor’s note: Listings prepared for Times/Review Newspapers by Suffolk Research Service, dated Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2010.
Calverton (11933)

• BHG & Whitford Dvlpmnt to L Huang, Wendy, Riley Ave (600-79-1-7.10), (V), $571,700

• CTR Development to Johnson, Michael, 198 Donna Dr (600-79-1-9.12), (R), $450,000
Cutchogue (11935)

• Manzi Jr, J Trust to Cutchogue 6213, LLC, 6213 Oregon Rd (1000-82-2-3.1), (V), $800,000

• Manzi Jr, J Trust to Cutchogue 6291, LLC, 6291 Oregon Rd (1000-82-2-3.2), (V), $760,000

• Manzi Jr, J Trust to Cutchogue 6278, LLC, 6278 Oregon Rd (1000-82-2-3.3), (V), $410,000

• Manzi Jr, J Trust to Cutchogue 6204, LLC, 6204 Oregon Rd (1000-82-2-3.4), (V), $430,000

• Fraser, C & K Trusts to Catapano, Michael, 7325 Nassau Point Rd (1000-118-4-1), (R), $1,700,000
Fishers Island (06390)

• Howlette, L to Bunting, Anne, Pvt Rd Off East End Rd (1000-10-6-14.1), (R), $2,975,000
Flanders (11901)

• Mendez, J to Ortiz, Maria, 210 & 212 Riverside Ave (900-122-1-40.6), (R), $140,000

• New Age Builders to Gazza, Joseph, 220 & 276 Flanders Blvd (900-145-3-27), (V), $500
Greenport (11944)

• Surprenant, R to Feinberg, Michel, 62445 CR 48 (1000-40-1-6), (R), $895,000
Jamesport (11947)

• Stress, C & J to Krin, Karen, 43 Herricks Ln (600-48-1-6.12), (R), $795,000
Mattituck (11952)

• Raynor, M to Chowbay, Sobha, 275 Cardinal Dr (1000-115-6-10), (R), $375,000

• Lauriguet, R & R to Angelaras, Michael, 640 Alois Ln (1000-123-6-8.3), (R), $555,000

• Seber, E to O’Connor, Roderic, 1155 Marlene Ln (1000-144-3-3), (R), $475,000
Shelter Island (11964)

• Rhodes, K & A to Colavito, Laurence, 20 Glynn Dr (700-17-1-89), (V), $197,400

• Slayton, E & Seewagen, W to Bace, Marjan, 20 Baldwin Rd (700-19-1-73.1), (R), $920,000
Southold (11971)

• Richards, E & P to Leidahl, Kimberly, 440 Grange Rd (1000-78-1-1), (R), $300,000
Wading River (11792)

• Warner, K & M to Barillaro, John, 26 Barnes Rd (600-95-1-10), (R), $355,000

(Key: Tax map numbers = District-Section-Block-Lot; (A) = agriculture; (R) = residential; (V) = vacant property; (C) = commercial; (R&E) = recreation & entertainment; (CS) = community services; (I) = industrial; (PS) = public service; (P) = park land; as determined from assessed values in the current tax rolls.)