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Mohammed Proctor, a 38-year-old convicted drug dealer who allegedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend earlier this month and caused the woman to need emergency surgery to save the baby, was held on $150,000 cash bail or $300,000 bond after his arraignment in the Suffolk County Court Thursday morning.


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BARBARAELLEN KOCH FILE PHOTO | Riverhead police speaking to a Hispanic bicyclist on West Main Street in downtown Riverhead in 2009.

Members of the Riverhead Town Anti-Bias Task Force say recent comments made by some members of the Town Board may “undermine the work that we’re doing to try to bring the community together.”

But some of those members, including the liaison to that committee, stand by their statements, noting that they don’t want the town to be seen as a haven for anyone who comes into the country illegally. READ

10/09/14 1:00pm
10/09/2014 1:00 PM
Anthony Wayne Smith mug shot from May 2014 (Credit: Riverhead Town police)

Anthony Wayne Smith mug shot from May 2014 (Credit: Riverhead Town police)

An ex-con charged in a 15-count indictment with slashing and punching a group of people in downtown Riverhead last month claims that he was acting in self-defense after the group tried to steal his bike, taunted him, and then started a fight, the man’s defense attorney claimed.  (more…)