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07/01/2014 5:56 PM
Flanders Fire Department volunteers fighting a much fire Tuesday afternoon. (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Flanders Fire Department volunteers fighting a much fire Tuesday afternoon. (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Firefighters were called to extinguish a brush fire hidden in the woods of a Northampton area golf course Tuesday afternoon.

Flanders, Riverhead, and East Quogue departments were all called to the Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club off County Road 31 about 3:45 p.m., said Flanders Fire Chief Joe Petit. (more…)

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05/02/2013 1:36 PM

TIM GANNON PHOTO | Riverhead firefighters put out a small brush fire Thursday afternoon on the west side of Lake Avenue.

The Riverhead Fire Department made quick work of a small brush fire on the side of Lake Avenue in Riverside Thursday afternoon.

The fire was called in at about 12:20 p.m. and was limited to an approximately 30 foot area on the west side of Lake Avenue, just north of Lakeview Drive, and at the edge of land that is Suffolk County Parkland.

Firefighters quickly had the blaze under control and left the scene in about 20 minutes.


04/30/13 7:19pm
04/30/2013 7:19 PM
PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | A Riverhead Fire Department brush truck heads into the woods near a Calverton development Tuesday afternoon.

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | A Riverhead Fire Department brush truck heads into the woods near a Calverton development Tuesday afternoon.

Riverhead firefighters doused a brush fire the length of a football field in a section of woods near a Calverton development Tuesday evening, preventing the fire from spreading, fire officials said.

Fire officials were called to the Calverton Hills development at 5:09 p.m. to investigate reports of people smelling smoke near the basketball courts off Wooded Way, said first assistant chief Joseph Raynor. Fire chiefs soon located the fire across the street in a hilly section of woods behind a series of apartment buildings, he said.

The fire, which was roughly 100 yards across, was put out by firefighters using pumpers and brush trucks, Mr. Raynor said. Firefighters used the brush trucks — vehicles specifically designed to knock down trees — to clear a path to the fire.

The volunteers also had to contend with onlookers, some of whom were children who ran close to the fire trucks or rode their bikes around them as the firefighters tried to enter the woods.

By 6 p.m., the fire was extinguished and fire crews were spraying the ground with water to “mop up” any smoldering remains of the fire.


04/09/13 3:04pm
04/09/2013 3:04 PM

TIM GANNON PHOTO | A small brush fire in Laurel Tuesday brings to light the growing danger this time of year to brush fires, a year after the massive wildfire in Manorville, Calverton and Ridge.

Firefighters from the Mattituck and Cutchogue departments put out a brush fire deep in the woods off Kirkup Drive in Laurel Tuesday afternoon.

The fire, which was called in about 1 p.m., was in a cedar tree farm southwest of the Juniper Hill greenhouses.

Firefighters had it out shortly after it 2 p.m., but it brings it to light how this is the worst time of year for brush fires, according to Mattituck Fire Chief Vinnie Tirelli.

“The county just upgraded it to high alert,” he said. “Everything is perfect for brush fires. With this one, the wind picked up right when I got here and ran the fire [in another direction].”

The Mattituck department responded with two engines, a tanker and an ambulance, and Cutchogue brought a brush truck, Mr. Tirelli said.

No one was injured, he said.

Tuesday’s brush fire occurred exactly one year after the large brush fire that burned more than 1,000 acres in Manorville, Ridge and Calverton last year.


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08/30/2012 2:37 PM

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Firefighters in a brush truck spray down a small brush fire in Aquebogue Thursday afternoon.

Riverhead firefighters used hoses and a brush truck to douse a fire that sparked in a field near Reeves Creek in Aquebogue Thursday afternoon.

The fire began in a high grassy area just south of Peconic Bay Boulevard about 1:40 p.m., said third assistant chief Pete Jackman.

Firefighters arrived on scene with an engine and used a hose to put out the fire. A brush truck —  a specialized vehicle used to access areas off roadways — drove into the brush as a precaution and drenched the area with water to completely extinguish the blaze.

The cause of the fire has not been determined yet, said Riverhead Fire Department Chief Anthony White.