12/19/13 9:50am
12/19/2013 9:50 AM

Four of five members of the Riverhead Town Board gathered Thursday morning to discuss several topics, most notably the community benefit zone, a discussion which has been ongoing at a high speed over the past several months in town hall.

But it appeared at the end of the discussion that the pace of talks over the proposed zone will likely slow down noticeably; Supervisor Sean Walter told the Rev. Charles Coverdale — head pastor at First Baptist Church, which is leading the way to pass the zoning change to make way for a multi-use Family Community Life Center — “there’s no benefit in continuing this.”

Walter, however, appears to be one of two town board members in favor of at least going to a public hearing on the zone change — along with Councilman Jim Wooten.

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Also at the work session, the board discussed the possibility of installing solar panels in various parking lots throughout town, including some parking lots downtown, as a means of generating revenue. The board also discussing installing solar panels on its Youngs Avenue landfill.

To find out what else was discussed at Thursday’s work session, click below to read News-Review reporter Tim Gannon’s live blog of the meeting.

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11/21/13 9:55am
11/21/2013 9:55 AM


The Riverhead Town Board discussed the proposed Community Benefit Zoning District at its work session Thursday, along with the building department’s response to an audit from earlier this year that found problems with fee calculations.

The Community Benefit zoning is needed in order for First Baptist Church’s planned Family Community Life Center on Northville Turnpike. Also on the agenda was the request for proposals for the town-owned East Lawn building and Second Street firehouse, as well as an audit of the recreation department.

News-Review reporter Tim Gannon live blogged the meeting. Click below for a recap

04/18/13 9:45am
04/18/2013 9:45 AM
Downtown Riverhead

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | A local architect has come up with a plan to bring more public parking to downtown Riverhead. The plan involves removing the above barriers.

The Riverhead Town Board on Thursday discussed a plan to create about 50 more parking spaces in a town parking lot north of the former Woolworth building.

Martin Sendlewski, a local architect who is involved in the building’s renovation plans, pitched an idea that would see the concrete islands at the northern part of the parking lot removed and the lot reconfigured and re-striped.

Also at the Thursday’s public Town Board work session, board members discussed a plan to raise the Riverhead Water District rate by 10 cents per 1,000 gallons in order to eliminate a $200,000 deficit.

Board members then talked about what information they still need before moving forward with the First Baptist Church of Riverhead’s proposed Family Community Life Center recreation and apartments complex fir Northville Turnpike.

The board also listened to a presentation on the SMART Academy, a grade 9-12 charter school, from Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch executive director Thud Hill. That plan is seeking state approval.

Tim Gannon blogged live from the meeting.

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