06/16/15 6:00am
06/16/2015 6:00 AM

In 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration pledged to not take negative action against East Hampton Town with regard to the enactment of noise restrictions at its airport.

Now, three years later, Congressman Lee Zeldin has taken steps to assure the agency keeps its word.

A funding bill passed June 9 by the House of Representatives includes an amendment written by Mr. Zeldin (R-Shirley) to ensure that the FAA does not use any new funds to take action against East Hampton Town following its recent efforts to restrict helicopter access.


06/04/15 4:43pm
06/04/2015 4:43 PM

A federal judge said Wednesday she needs more time to rule on a challenge to laws that would restrict flights into and out of East Hampton’s airport.

Judge Joanna Seybert originally said she would rule on the challenge by Monday, but now has extended that until June 26, according to a press release from the East Hampton Town Board. (more…)

05/19/15 9:24am
05/19/2015 9:24 AM
A helicopter at East Hampton Airport. (Credit: Kyril Bromley/The East Hampton Press, file)

A helicopter at East Hampton Airport. (Credit: Kyril Bromley/The East Hampton Press, file)

The Town of East Hampton has agreed to hold off implementing its historic airport restrictions to allow a federal judge to rule on a lawsuit challenging the new regulations.

U.S. District Court Judge Joanna Seybert in Islip said Monday she’ll decide within three weeks whether the town can control access to its airport. (more…)

05/03/15 8:00am
05/03/2015 8:00 AM

They make the sound that still tears at my soul. They bring me the promise of peace and they Pavlovianly ready me for violence. It’s the same sound — the sound of a chopper.

In my generation, it was the distinctive clop-clop-clop of a Bell UH-1 Iroquois — the famed Huey. But there are other helicopters that bring the same feelings to generations of warriors.  (more…)