05/29/13 10:00am
05/29/2013 10:00 AM

A 49-year-old South Jamesport man was arrested on a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge after a car crash Tuesday night in Southold, police said.

John Nordin was arrested about 9:45 p.m. after the accident on Main Road, Southold police said.

Information on the car crash was not immediately available.



05/12/13 10:00am
05/12/2013 10:00 AM

RACHEL YOUNG PHOTO | Ellie Schultz, a 9-year-old ballerina from Jamesport, warming up at the Mo Chuisle Moya Strast School of Dance in Mattituck.

Her auburn hair pulled back into a tight bun, 9-year-old Ellie Schultz practices jetés on the hardwood floors.

Ellie, who is small for her age, leaps swiftly from one foot to the other across the small studio in Mattituck, her freckled face a canvas of concentration.

“You missed a step,” instructor Cheryl Kiel tells Ellie. “Do it again,” she says encouragingly.

Uncomplaining, the ballerina completes several more series of jumps, not seeming to tire. Only once, after a set of particularly successful jetés, does Ellie allow herself to convey any emotion. She glances quickly at herself in a large mirror.

She grins.

Ellie has good reason to smile. The Aquebogue Elementary School third-grader was recently accepted to the American Ballet Theatre’s Young Dancer Summer Workshop, a fiercely competitive two-week program in New York City. She was encouraged to audition by Ms. Kiel, who owns Mo Chuisle Moya Strast School of Dance on Pike Street and has instructed Ellie in Russian ballet for the past four years.

DEBORAH SCHULTZ COURTESY PHOTO | Ellie performing at a dance recital in 2012.

“She’s the first student I’ve had that I felt was ready for the program,” Ms. Kiel says. “I told her mom from the first time I gave her a private lesson that I knew she had special talent. Being a ballet dancer myself I can see the feet, the body, the alignment. I knew if she had the correct training she would probably be able to do something [with it].”

“I think it might be cool to try it,” Ellie says shyly of the Young Dancer Summer Workshop, for which she auditioned in January. The 14-day program, which begins at the end of July and will be held at ABT’s dance studio in Union Square, is for dancers ages 9 through 12. For five days each week, Ellie will take ballet classes and attend educational workshops on topics such as nutrition and technique.

Ballet has been a part of the Jamesport girl’s life for nearly as long as she can remember. When Ellie was in kindergarten, her mother, Debbie Schultz, signed her up for one of Ms. Kiel’s group ballet classes. The then-5-year-old had joined the class a few months later than her peers so Ms. Schultz, who works for Honeywell, a technology company, enrolled her daughter in private lessons with Ms. Kiel to help her catch up with the other students for an upcoming recital. Ellie learned the material quickly and began to flourish. She now comes to Mo Chuisle four days a week and dances alongside teenagers in an advanced class.

“She quickly fell in love with ballet,” Ms. Schultz says of her eldest child. She and her husband, Fred, who owns Sterlington Deli in Greenport, also have a 6-year-old daughter, Sadie.

Her raw talent aside, Ellie’s determination and studious approach to ballet help set her further apart from other dancers her age.

When she was 6, the wisp of a girl walked into the dance studio wearing a white tutu and clutching the sheet music for “Giselle,” a famous French ballet in which she was set to perform a solo during an upcoming recital.

“I need to do it again,” Ms. Kiel remembers Ellie telling her. “I don’t have the timing right.”

“That’s when I knew she was different,” Ms. Kiel recalled.

Ms. Kiel grew up in Babylon and has been teaching Russian ballet, which emphasizes the development of a strong upper body and use of the arms, for 12 years. As a teenager, she trained seven days a week with a number of teachers, including Yuli Zorov, a graduate of the internationally famous Bolshoi School in Moscow. This particular afternoon, Ellie is practicing a solo from the comic ballet “Coppélia,” which she’ll perform in June in a recital at Pulaski Street School in Riverhead. After doing some pliés at the barre to warm up, the 9-year-old waits, her tiny body composed but relaxed, for the music to start. When it does, the song, with its intense dramatic flair, provides a stark contrast to Ellie’s innocent face. As she dances, she exhibits a gracefulness unusual for a 9-year-old girl: it’s almost womanly, with focused but fluid movements.

“All little girls love ballet; when Ellie dances you can see that she has something extra,” says Linda Stavrinos, the mother of one of Elllie’s classmates. “You can just see it.”

Ellie’s talent is undisputed, but when the ballet slippers come off, she’s a 9-year-old who likes writing, playing lacrosse and going to sleepovers at a friend’s house. When asked what she likes about ballet, she answers, “My teacher.”

“We never really pushed her, Fred and I,” Ms. Schultz says. “We always ask her, ‘Do you still want to continue? Is this what you want to do?’ She has always wanted to take more classes. She loves being here.”

Does she want to be a ballerina when she gets older?

“Sure. Maybe. I don’t know,” the girl says.

And then, perhaps pondering the future, she smiles.


05/10/13 2:00pm
05/10/2013 2:00 PM
PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Caution tape now surrounds the fields where the saplings were allegedly stolen.

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Caution tape now surrounds the Jamesport fields where the saplings were allegedly stolen.

A Jamesport nursery owner reported that someone took about 30 trees from his field on Herricks Lane, Riverhead police said.

Lou Caracciolo of Shade Trees Nursery’s told the News-Review he noticed some trees were missing from a parcel about a half-mile from the nursery’s main office Wednesday. On Thursday, he realized more trees were missing.

The trees were “an assortment of shady flowering trees,” he said. Police said maple, cherry, pear, red bud, birch and zelcova trees were removed from the field.

Mr. Caracciolo said whomever took the trees likely parked along the road and pulled out the trees by hand, adding that the nursery has been the victim of larcenies in the past.

The trees are worth about $1,500 total, police said. Detectives are investigating the reported theft.


05/09/13 5:00pm
05/09/2013 5:00 PM
PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Contractors for the Department of Transportation caused about $10,000 in damage to this irrigation system in Calverton, the development manager said.

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Contractors for the Department of Transportation caused thousands of dollars in damage to this irrigation system in Calverton, the development manager said.

John Peck is glad the state Department of Transportation is installing a bike path along the Calverton mobile home park he manages.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said.

But the $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage state contractors caused to Lakewood’s irrigation system has him upset, he said.

“I do not respect the fact that they didn’t get a hold of me and let me know that we needed to move the system and get it shut off,” Mr. Peck said. “It’s very unfair what they’ve done.”

Town officials say residents in Jamesport have also complained about state crews pulling up irrigation lines and trimming trees since work on the $3.2 million bike path stretching from Calverton to Northville began in March.

Eileen Peters, a representative for the state Department of Transportation, told a reporter Thursday she had not heard any reports of damage along River Road near the Lakewood development.

“Generally speaking, you’re not allowed to encroach on state property,” she said.

But, she added, River Road is not a state road.

“We really need to examine this situation,” she said, adding the department would be look into the matter.

The bike path is being constructed through a grant by the state DOT as part of a federal stimulus bill.

Meanwhile, the Lakewood development’s attorney is preparing to bring legal action against the DOT to pay for repairs to the irrigation system’s plumbing, which was damaged during path construction about three weeks ago, Mr. Peck said.

State crews removed several feet of the park’s lawn and replaced it with concrete, Mr. Peck said, adding the crews ripped up the 1-1/2-inch rubber pipe along the road, which fed the entire complex. It could not immediately be determined if the plumbing was in a government right-of-way.

“They actually did it from one end of the park to the other,” he said,

The irrigation system is now broken and must be replaced. In the meantime, employees for the development are having to use hoses to water the landscaping, he said.

“Now everything’s dying on me and I’m upset about it,” Mr. Peck said.

Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter said complaints have been coming to the town since work began in March, and he believes the DOT should pay to repair the irrigation systems at Lakewood.

“The bottom line is you’ve destroyed somebody’s private property, you should repair it,” Mr. Walter said. “It’s incumbent on the DOT to replace that property.”

In the meantime, Mr. Peck said he is frustrated he wasn’t given a warning his lines would be removed. Had he gotten a heads-up, he could have taken the lines away from the roadwork area in under 24 hours, he said.

“This is going to be a headache for us,” Mr. Peck said. “Now it’s going to cost us a fortune.”


Editor’s note: An earlier version of this report indicated the mobile home park’s irrigation  system was in the state’s right-of-way.

That has yet to be determined.

05/06/13 8:47am
05/06/2013 8:47 AM
JAMESPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT COURTESY PHOTO | A motorcycle burst into flames Friday, the second incident in a busy week for the volunteers.

JAMESPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT COURTESY PHOTO | A motorcycle burst into flames Friday, the second incident in a busy week for the volunteers.

The summer season is just a month away but the Jamesport Fire Department was already hard at work this week as three separate fires sparked across the district in just under a week, fire officials said.

Firefighters got the call of the first fire Wednesday about 2:35 p.m. for an outside fire on Tuthills Lane in Aquebogue. Fire crews arrived at the street to find a “large pile of hay bales” on fire, fire officials said. The fire had already spread to a nearby wooden fence that surrounded the hay bales, but firefighters used two fire engines to put out the flames and prevent the fire from spreading.

JAMESPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT COURTESY PHOTO | Firefighters extinguish a rekindled bonfire on Saturday.

JAMESPORT FIRE DEPARTMENT COURTESY PHOTO | Firefighters extinguish a rekindled bonfire on Saturday.

Two days later, Jamesport firefighters were called to the scene of a motorcycle accident at Sound Avenue and Herricks Lane in Jamesport, officials said. A motorcycle was lying in the middle of the road and had burst into flames.

Riverhead Town police said the driver of the 2011 Kawasaki motorcycle, a 19-year-old man from Cutchogue, lost control of the vehicle about 7:35 p.m. and dumped the motorcycle before it caught fire.

A fire engine arrived on scene and put out the fire while fire police and Riverhead police closed the road.

The teen was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for treatment of a hand injury, police said.

The next day on Saturday, Jamesport firefighters were called to a second outside fire on state park property adjacent to the Hallockville Museum Farm. Volunteers used two fire engines and an off-road vehicle to quickly extinguish the fire.

Fire officials said the fire “appeared to have been a large unattended bonfire which had rekindled.”

Jamesport Fire Chief Duffy Griffiths said residents should take extra precautions as the summer season approaches to conduct outside activities safely.


05/05/13 12:03pm
05/05/2013 12:03 PM

A Jamesport man and a Flanders woman were charged in Southampton Town Friday night following a pair of unrelated traffic incidents, according to a police press release.

Joshua Georges, 31, of Jamesport was handed over to Southold Town police after Riverhead police pulled him over shortly after 9:30 p.m. and learned he was wanted on a bench warrant, police said. He was held overnight for a Saturday morning arraignment.

Nancy Alexander, 51, of Flanders was arrested after she rear-ended another vehicle on County Road 105 near Flanders Road shortly after 8 p.m., police said. An investigation revealed she was driving drunk, police said. She was also held overnight for a Saturday morning arraignment.

04/22/13 5:00pm
04/22/2013 5:00 PM

A Jamesport teenager was arrested late Sunday night after crashing his vehicle on Main Road while high on drugs and then trying to run from police at the scene, Riverhead Town police said.

Joshua Odell, 19, crashed in Jamesport near Jason’s Vineyard about 11:20 p.m., police said. A police officer got to the scene of the crash and saw Mr. Odell standing outside the driver’s side door of the crashed car.

When Mr. Odell saw the officer, he began to run east on Main Road, police said. The officer chased after Mr. Odell and caught him about 50 yards from the spot of the crash, police said.

After his arrest, Mr. Odell told the cop he had smoked marijuana laced with PCP before driving, police said.

Mr. Odell was arrested and charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs, a misdemeanor, and first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, a felony, after he was caught with a fake drivers license that stated he was 21 years old, police said.

He was held at police headquarters and arraigned in Town Justice Court Monday afternoon.

He was released with a future court date because he had no previous misdemeanor or felony convictions on his record, court officials said.



04/19/13 11:32pm
04/19/2013 11:32 PM

TIM GANNON PHOTO | Firefighters put out a house fire in Jamesport Friday night.

Jamesport Fire Department volunteers quickly put out house fire on Lockitt Drive that started while the occupants of the home were away Friday night.

“We had gone out and when we got back home, we heard the fire alarms and saw the smoke,” said Dieter Schwarz, who lives at the home with his wife, Laurie, and step-daughter Amanda.

“We called 911 and then we started getting our animals out,” he said.

The animals rescued were a dog, three cats, three birds and four turtles.

Mr. Schwarz said the home was filled with smoke when they opened the doors. They noticed the fire at about 8:45 p.m, he said.

Jamesport fire chief Duffy Griffiths said about 50 volunteer firefighters responded with help from the Mattituck Fire Department, which was on standby at the scene. The Riverhead Fire Department sent a rapid response team of veteran firefighters trained to rescue firefighters who may run into difficulty fighting the flames.

“We knocked it down real quick,” chief Griffiths said.

The Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance also was on the scene, although no one was injured and all of the animals were accounted for.

Mr. Schwarz said they breathed in smoke while looking for the animals but were OK.

The fire started in the back wall of the building, although the cause had yet to be determined, chief Griffiths said.

Mr. Schwarz said it appears to have started near a basement dryer, although he said the dryer wasn’t on while they were away.

Riverhead fire marshal Dave Andruszkiewicz is investigating the fire’s cause.


TIM GANNON PHOTO | Firefighters put out a house fire in Jamesport Friday night.