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04/22/2016 6:01 AM

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For the past few years, parents and educators have rallied against the state’s latest system of so-called high-stakes testing, which ties teacher evaluations to the controversial Common Core standards. Their principal strategy has been the opt-out movement, under which students refuse to take mandated assessment tests.


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In response to the large numbers of students who have opted out of state-mandated testing in previous years, New York State education officials recently compromised by agreeing to hold off until 2020 on tying test results to teacher ratings.


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12/11/2015 4:15 PM

Lee Zeldin defeats Tim Bishop for Congress

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) has confirmed that President Barack Obama signed proposed legislation Thursday that includes his own proposal, dubbed the Zeldin Amendment, which will allow states to opt out of Common Core without sacrificing federal funding.


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04/23/2015 3:41 PM

About 34.8 percent of students in the Riverhead School District that were expected to take state-mandated math assessments Wednesday declined to sit for the exams, the News-Review has confirmed.

Superintendent Nancy Carney said 812 students out of 2,332 did not take math assessments, which are in progress through Friday.

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“We have about 100 students who are taking the regents (advanced math) in 8th grade instead of the 8th grade assessment,” Ms. Carney wrote in an email.

In 2014, about 15 percent of the district’s students didn’t take the math assessments. Last week, 26 percent of the district’s third through eight graders declined to take the English Language Arts assessments.

Correction: The story has been updated to reflect Nancy Carney’s email to the News-Review about eighth-grade math assessments. The News-Review regrets the error.

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