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11/04/2013 3:00 PM


A level 2 sex offender who was arrested last year for not registering his new address was caught violating his registration requirements again again in the same town last week, Southampton Town police said.

Carl Graves, 54, was arrested by a U.S. Marshal near a mobile home park in Amityville Friday, according to a police report.

Mr. Graves had previously lived in the Department of Social Services’ homeless sex offender trailer in Riverside, and was wanted for violating the state sex offender registration act.

Town police said Mr. Graves had not notified authorities where he was living since May 15.

He was taken to Southampton Town police headquarters and charged with the felony, police said.

Mr. Graves was arraigned in town court and is being held without bail at Suffolk County jail because of prior felony convictions, court officials said.

In 2003, Mr. Graves was convicted of second-degree rape in Suffolk County, and the victim was a 14-year-old girl, according to the state sex offender registry.

He is considered a level 2 sex offender, the second-most severe designation with level 3 offenders deemed the most likely to re-offend.

Mr. Graves was arrested on Dec. 31 after Amityville Village police stopped him for drinking in public, according to a previous police report. He was wanted by Southampton Town police at the time of his arrest and was taken back to police headquarters to be charged with failing to register.

He was later indicted in county court on that charge, authorities said. The status of that case was not immediately available.

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A level-2 sex offender living in Riverhead was arrested this week after failing to verify his new address with the state, Suffolk County Police said.

Henry Brown, 55, was arrested at the Seventh Precinct in Shirley on Thursday after changing his address without notifying the state within 10 days, police said.

This is the second time Mr. Brown has been arrested for failing to register, police said.

Mr. Brown was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse involving a 9-year-old female in 1994, a class D felony, according to the state’s sex offender registry.

Level-2 offenders are deemed to have a moderate risk of repeat offense, according to state law.

County police said Mr. Brown has been residing in Riverhead, though the address listed in the state’s sex offender registry is in Bellport.

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12/10/2012 7:00 PM

Richard Hiers

A Level 2 sex offender was arrested for not reporting his address to police, according to Southampton Town Police.

Richard Hiers, 51, of Caleb Street in Brentwood, was charged with failure to register as a sex offender last Wednesday at police headquarters.

Mr Hiers, whose address is listed as the sex offender trailer in the jail parking lot in Riverside, according to the state sex offender registry, was convicted in 1980 of first-degree sodomy and first-degree attempted rape for a case involving an 18-year-old girl, according to the state registry.

A Level 2 sex offender is considered “medium risk” by the state and he must register his address with police within 10 days of moving to a new address. He also must verify that address with police every 90 days, according to state law.

Mr. Hiers was in jail in upstate Altona from Aug. 1980 to Oct. 1992 on the rape and sodomy charges, and also spent time in jail from April 2008 to April 2010 on a charge of third-degree attempted sale of a controlled substance, according to state records.

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08/20/2012 4:25 PM

FILE PHOTO | A police operation found that all 19 of Riverhead Town’s registered sex offenders were in compliance with state registration law.

A police operation last month involving Suffolk County police detectives, numerous East End town police and U.S. marshals has found that all 19 registered sex offenders living in Riverhead are in compliance with state law regarding reporting of their residences, Riverhead police said.

The undertaking, dubbed “Operation Lighthouse,” checked in on 60 sex offenders across Riverhead, Southampton, Southold, and East Hampton to make sure they were correctly registered to their homes as required by the New York State Registry Act, officials said.

The operation began the morning of July 9, when officers knocked on doors of registered sex offenders’ houses between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. to ensure they lived at that location, police said.

“When we knock on the door, you should be there,” said Riverhead Sgt. Joseph Loggia.

The operation lasted until July 13 and spanned across the East End, officials said.

“We all worked together,” Sgt. Loggia said. “We were all in each others jurisdictions checking [sex offenders].”

All of Riverhead Town’s 19 registered sex offenders were found to be in compliance with the law, police said. The sex offender trailers in Riverside are not within Riverhead Town Police’s jurisdiction, Sgt. Loggia said.

Of the 60 sex offenders who were investigated, five were found to be not in compliance, police said. They were located, arrested and face charges from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, according to the statement.

The identity of those sex offenders, as well as their places of residence, was not immediately available.

“We know that the population of the East End can more than double during the summer months and we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our children safe,” said Charles Dunne, U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of New York.

Sgt. Loggia said the Riverhead police department takes part in operations each year to ensure sex offenders follow the law, and that another annual operation is planned for this fall.

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