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06/22/16 6:15am

Riverhead school district retirees

Jenny Corbin only decided a couple of months ago that she’s ready for retirement after working as a teacher aide in the Riverhead school district for 44 years.

She was humbled to learn that her tenure was the longest out of the 39 retirees honored Tuesday night at Riverhead High School.


06/10/16 9:00am


Last week, Bill Groth approached the podium toward the end of Riverhead High School’s varsity sports awards ceremony to deliver his final remarks. As usual, he planned to say that no matter where Riverhead teams travel, there are as many Blue Waves supporters filling the bleachers as there are for the home team.  READ

05/26/16 6:00am


Gathered in a circle in Lorene Custer’s classroom are more than a dozen Riverhead Middle School students, some holding hands and leaning on each other for support. The group often goes from laughing at a joke to somberly discussing how society treats members of the LGBT community.  READ

05/17/16 9:00pm

Laurie Downs is congratulated on being elected to the Riverhead Board of Education. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

For more than 15 years, Laurie Downs has attended nearly every Riverhead Board of Education meeting.

She is not an administrator, nor has she ever attended the meeting as an elected member of the board.

That’s about to change.  READ