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08/25/16 10:00am

Aqebogue Elementary School

Parents of students at Phillips and Roanoke elementary schools now have the option of sending their children to Aquebogue Elementary School next month, because the state has declared both Riverhead schools “underperforming” based on low student test scores from last year.


08/15/16 5:59am
08/15/2016 5:59 AM


As a national discussion about water quality — specifically in relation to lead levels — grew in the aftermath of the water crisis in Flint, Mich., local school districts began looking internally, testing their own water for the hazardous metal.  READ

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07/06/16 6:40am

Sam Schneider and Christine Tona

The Riverhead School District has reorganized its administration office by promoting Sam Schneider to deputy superintendent and hiring a new assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.


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06/22/16 6:15am

Riverhead school district retirees

Jenny Corbin only decided a couple of months ago that she’s ready for retirement after working as a teacher aide in the Riverhead school district for 44 years.

She was humbled to learn that her tenure was the longest out of the 39 retirees honored Tuesday night at Riverhead High School.