08/12/12 1:45pm
08/12/2012 1:45 PM

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance responded to an emergency call Sunday afternoon at Splish Splash.

Riverhead ambulance volunteers were kept busy in the heat Sunday afternoon, responding to emergency calls at both Splish Splash and Panera Bread.

An older woman was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center after experiencing chest pains at Splish Splash in Calverton at around 12:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon, according to water park officials.

Manager Mike Bengston said the woman was experiencing chest pains and was treated by Riverhead Ambulance volunteers. No other information about the incident was available.

About an hour later, ambulance volunteers responded to a call of a woman who said she was “about to pass out” at Panera Bread on Route 58. That woman was also taken to Peconic Bay.

08/11/12 11:31am
08/11/2012 11:31 AM
TIM GANNON PHOTO | The motorcycle and minivan after Saturday's crash.

TIM GANNON PHOTO | The motorcycle in Saturday’s crash was not badly damaged.

A motorcyclist was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries after his bike and a tan minivan collided on Route 58 Saturday morning.

A section of Route 58 was briefly closed to traffic while the vehicles were moved off the roadway.

The driver of the van — which was left with a large dent above its front, driver’s side wheel well after the crash — was not hurt.

The accident occurred as the van was turning left onto Route 58 from the Friendly’s restaurant parking lot just before 11 a.m., Riverhead police said.

The motorcyclist, who was heading east at the time, was transported across the street to the hospital by Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance.

Police had not determined if any summonses would be issued.

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08/09/12 4:00am
08/09/2012 4:00 AM

Some things make too much sense not to be pursued.

Manorville resident Clare Bennett’s request this week to have Manorville ambulances instead of Riverhead ambulances respond to calls on her Oakwood Drive block and the immediate neighborhood is one of them.

Such a change would affect about 60 families that live at the edge of town and find themselves in the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance district, even though they’re much closer to Manorville Community Ambulance headquarters. And we’re talking light-years closer, considering what’s at stake.

The Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance headquarters on Osborn Avenue is 10.2 miles from Oakwood Drive, while the Manorville ambulance headquarters on South Street is 3.75 miles from Oakwood. It’s actually surprising it’s taken this long for folks in these communities to speak out.

Ms. Bennett begged Riverhead Town Board members for help Tuesday, saying that she had to wait quite a while (40 minutes, a number Riverhead ambulance officials found hard to fathom) for an ambulance to arrive at her home for three separate medical emergencies in recent years. Each time she had to wait, even while knowing a row of shiny Manorville Community Ambulance vehicles stood ready just a few minutes away.

The situation is unacceptable. But because Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance is funded by a tax base that’s entirely in Riverhead Town and Manorville Community Ambulance is funded by a tax base that’s entirely in Brookhaven Town, Supervisor Sean Walter explained to Ms. Bennett on Tuesday, the only way Manorville ambulances could be allowed to respond to a Riverhead Town address would be for Riverhead to contract with Manorville for ambulance services.

But he also said the board would do what it could to make that happen and that he personally would contact Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko to get the ball rolling.

So often, requests like these — residents’ imploring local officials to try to fix blatant problems with school, fire or other taxing districts — are dismissed as being impossible to achieve. So Mr. Walter’s response was encouraging.

Ms. Bennett also made it clear her request has nothing to do with dissatisfaction with the work of Riverhead volunteers. Riverhead ambulance officials should not take the Manorville resident’s request as a slight and, in response, try to jealously protect their “territory,” which is known to happen from time to time among proud emergency responders.

Should town officials in Riverhead and Brookhaven not act, Ms. Bennett vowed to circulate a petition among her neighbors, whom she said support her. This is a serious situation with a logical solution. It should not have to come to residents needing to petition en masse.

08/07/12 12:00pm
08/07/2012 12:00 PM

The Riverhead Town Board is expected to approve an agreement Tuesday allowing the Peconic YMCA group to build a Y facility on town-owned land in Calverton.

The Town Board meeting starts at 2 p.m. in Riverhead Town Hall.

The board is also expected to issue a request for proposals for companies to do billing for the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance.

There are three public hearings schedule.

One hearing would make St. John’s Place a two-way street, the second hearing would ban left turns out of East Avenue onto Northville Turnpike and the third would eliminate the requirement that police have 20 years of service in order to qualify for a retirement incentive program, so long as they are eligible to retire.

That hearing proposes other changes to the retirement incentive program as well, such as a payment of $1,000 per year of service for up to $25,000.

We will be running a live blog from the meeting at riverheadnewsreview.com. See agenda below.

August 7, 2012 – Agenda