01/23/16 4:53pm
01/23/2016 4:53 PM

The following is a list of North Fork postponements, closures and delays due to is weekend’s winter storm. Email [email protected] to report a closure or delay.  READ

01/22/16 5:00am


This winter season’s first nor’easter could bring blizzard conditions — heavy snow, strong gusts of wind and limited visibility — on Saturday, according to the latest weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.

But as for the snow totals themselves? You can most likely breathe a sigh of relief. READ

03/22/15 12:00pm
03/22/2015 12:00 PM

When we drove out to help a colleague of ours on the West End recently, his car was stuck in a deep icy rut at the bottom of his driveway. Clad in a light jacket and wearing no gloves, he was frantically trying to shovel his way down to the bottom of the tires with a small straight-handled snow shovel that might have passed for a child’s toy. (more…)