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The Riverhead Town Board discussed a plan to double the size of a proposed energy park at the Enterprise Park at Calverton and to prepare a new request for proposals from energy companies during Thursday’s work session.

The board has already designated a 90-acre site at the southwest portion of the property, inside the inactive western runway, for an energy park that would attract solar and other types of energy providers and the Long Island Power Authority has selected Hecate Energy to build a solar farm at EPCAL. LIPA is negotiating a power purchase agreement with Hecate Energy.

Councilman George Gabrielsen said there has been tremendous interest from other solar and energy companies to build at EPCAL, which is why the town is considering adding an additional 94 acres to the west of the western runway.

The town also can lease about 51 acres on the western runway for solar projects, he said.

Board members also discussed filling two vacancies on the Industrial Development Agency and whether the Town Board should issue a resolution urging the IDA to only give tax abatements at EPCAL and downtown.

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Live Blog Riverhead Town Board work session 04-02-2015

11/09/2014 12:00 PM
Credit: Patrick W. Moore

Credit: Patrick W. Moore

One concerned grandmother went before the school board Tuesday night, railing against what she called a “secretive” decision to install a solar panel plant on a sod farm across the street from the district middle school.

Michelle Sterling of Shoreham said she was disgusted by the Town of Brookhaven, which she claimed approved the sod farm solar plant without informing residents or the district.

Residents have complained to other boards in recent months: namely Brookhaven Town Board and Brookhaven Planning Board. The latter unanimously approved plans for the project last month, despite much opposition from neighbors, according to Newsday.

“We went by the codes,” Planning Board Chairman Vincent E. Pascale told the paper. “We did all our checking. We took facts from factual sources.

Board president William McGrath said last week that the Shoreham-Wading River Board of Education was also concerned by the circumstances around the approval of the installation and said the district was “looking into it.”

Ms. Sterling went on to claim that the solar panels would cast radiation onto the district’s students and said “studies” couldn’t prove that the solar panels wouldn’t cause cancer.

“Our children are certainly not going to be the guinea pigs to find out,” she said. The board didn’t comment on those claims.

09/02/14 8:00am
09/02/2014 8:00 AM
This sod farm on the east side of Edwards Avenue, just north of the railroad, may host a 38-acre solar energy farm. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

This sod farm on the east side of Edwards Avenue, just north of the railroad, may host a 38-acre solar energy farm. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

The Riverhead Town Planning Board approved a preliminary site plan at its meeting last Thursday proposing a solar farm with roughly 30,000 panels on an area of Calverton farmland. (more…)

12/31/13 2:00pm
12/31/2013 2:00 PM


The Riverhead Town Board voted to authorize legal action against the owners of the Glass Greenhouse Farm Market at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting, after holding off on such action at its prior meeting.

The town claims the new building, approximately 5,000-square feet large, is being operated in violation of the town code definition of a farm market, in that more than 40 percent of the items sold there are not grown locally.

Owner Walter Gabrielsen, reached afterward, declined to comment on the Town Board action.

The board vote was 3-1 with Councilman George Gabrielsen, Walter’s brother, absent. George Gabrielsen had previously said he planned to abstain on all votes involving his brother’s business anyway.

Councilman Jim Wooten cast the lone vote against authorizing state supreme court action. He has said he thinks the town can settle the matter out of court.

Supervisor Sean Walter and board members John Dunleavy and Jodi Giglio supported the action.

The supervisor has said the town took another business, A Taste of Country, to court on the same issue and prevailed, adding that it would be hypocritical for the town to enforce its code against one business and not another.

“If Mr. Gabrielsen wants to have 60 percent locally grown produce, I would support it 100 percent, but clearly when you walk into that building, that’s not what’s there,” Mr. Walter said two weeks ago.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the Town Board voted 4-0 in favor of awarding a contract to Borrego Solar to lease space on the town landfill for a solar project, and 4-0 in favor of a resolution requesting proposals to build solar energy projects on other town parking lots.

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December 31, 2013 – Agenda by Timesreview

December 31, 2013 – Packet by Timesreview

12/19/13 9:50am
12/19/2013 9:50 AM

Four of five members of the Riverhead Town Board gathered Thursday morning to discuss several topics, most notably the community benefit zone, a discussion which has been ongoing at a high speed over the past several months in town hall.

But it appeared at the end of the discussion that the pace of talks over the proposed zone will likely slow down noticeably; Supervisor Sean Walter told the Rev. Charles Coverdale — head pastor at First Baptist Church, which is leading the way to pass the zoning change to make way for a multi-use Family Community Life Center — “there’s no benefit in continuing this.”

Walter, however, appears to be one of two town board members in favor of at least going to a public hearing on the zone change — along with Councilman Jim Wooten.

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Also at the work session, the board discussed the possibility of installing solar panels in various parking lots throughout town, including some parking lots downtown, as a means of generating revenue. The board also discussing installing solar panels on its Youngs Avenue landfill.

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December 19, 2013 – Agenda(1) by Timesreview