Manor Lane flooding subsides, finally

Though still wet on Tuesday, Manor Lane was finally

After almost nearly a month underwater, Manor Lane in Jamesport became passable for even the smallest cars this week as much of the flooding there has subsided.
A pond had covered a large part of the road just north of Main Road since the height of last month’s monster rainstorm, which dumped over 8 inches over much of Riverhead Town.
Town highway department workers, town contractors and firefighters had been pumping water from the pond on and off ever since.
Town Councilman and farmer George Gabrielsen donated his farm pump, and even some employees, to assist in flood relief efforts there, a move that Supervisor Sean Walter said saved the town money.
Mr.Gabrielsen said that at one point contractors had been pumping the water uphill, with much of it rushing right back onto the road. Pumping south of the road, into storm drains, proved more effective.