Come visit the new Riverheadnewsreview.com

Like virtually all our media counterparts, community newspapers are facing a period of great change. Many of these changes stem from the way you, our readers, now prefer to get your news.

Sure, there are still traditionalists who don’t mind waiting until Thursday so they can hold the paper in their hands while they sip coffee and learn about what’s going on in their community. But there are many more people these days who want to know what’s happening right now. And for that portion of our readership, it’s important that we have a modern website that’s frequently updated with fresh content.

That’s why we’re pleased to have launched a revamped online destination for folks to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in Riverhead at riverheadnewsreview.com, while still enjoying the well-written content readers have come to expect from the newspaper.

Here are some of the new features we hope you will enjoy:

* The site now boasts an interactive calendar. Limited space in our print editions made it necessary to leave out events in our popular Community section. Now an event in Westhampton Beach, for example, certainly an easy drive for Riverhead residents, can be listed — for free — by anyone who has a subscription. Even dates for commercial promotions can be loaded onto the site.

* Why go elsewhere to talk about the stories in our paper? Our new site offers not only the ability to comment on stories, but also a new message board for you to weigh in on the local issues most important to you. You can find it under the “Connect” tab at the top of our home page.

* You can save when you patronize local businesses by visiting us online first. The new site offers digital coupons that can be used for deals at favorite local haunts such as Digger O’Dell’s. Digital coupons, even available through text message, are located in the right column of our website, adjacent to our sports news.

* The site gives local businesses a new outlet to advertise their services. With more advertising holes in prominent places on our home page, they can now utilize our site to attract new customers. The site also boasts an extensive business directory.

* Looking to go to the movies? Log on to see what films are playing at East End theaters and when. Give it a try by clicking on “Movie Times,” located in the “Calendar” tab at the top of the site.

A beautiful town deserves a beautiful news and community website to represent it. We think we have delivered.

But we want to hear what you think.

Please take some time from your busy schedules to register and explore our site so you can better inform us of what you do or do not like about it. Readers can do so over the phone by calling editor Michael White at 631-298-3200, ext. 152, through e-mail at [email protected] or by clicking the “Write the Editor” button at riverheadnewsreview.com.