We haven’t been experiencing the most perfect weather lately, but I think we are actually having a proper spring. Be patient, it’ll be warm before you know it.

My cousin Larry Taylor is back on U.S. soil! He returned safe and sound to Las Vegas and made a surprise visit to see us a few weeks ago. He looked a bit tired, but oh, so happy not to have to go overseas again. He thanks everyone for their prayers, letters, e-mails and all the good things that were sent to him and his buddies. It is very much appreciated.

Members of the Riverhead Fire Department have been at Riley Avenue Elementary School all week teaching the students and staff about fire safety and prevention. This wonderful fire department has been giving their time for so many years and their visit is always highly anticipated. Thank you, we truly appreciate all you do for us.

Attention, parents of third- and fourth-grade students! Make sure your children receive plenty of rest along with some good breakfasts next week, as they will be taking their ELA tests on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Good luck to all. The second-graders will be visiting the Holtsville Ecology Center in the near future, and the kindergartners will be going to the Yaphank Farm at the end of the month. I remember going there with my kids to see the baby chicks and all the other interesting stuff on the farm. Since we are farmers you would think it would be the same old thing for us, but it really was a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun,the Riverhead Blue Masques will perform “Fame” on April 23, 24, 30 and May 1, at 8 p.m. at Riverhead High School. These students are very talented. It is exciting to see our neighbors turn themselves into someone other than who we are used to. Do go and have some fun.

My little Yorkie “granddaughter” Brooklyn once again has Lyme disease. I could tell because she’s been sleeping a lot and is listless. Do check your pets. If they seem unusually sleepy or have problems walking due to stiff joints, take them to your vet for a simple blood test. This disease affects our pets the same way it affects us, so take care of your little friends.

That is all for this week. Get out there and pull those weeds. I have a nice crop of them along with my flowers. Take care, be safe and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.