Letters to the Editor


We need stability in Riverhead schools

When I picked up the News-Review and saw the article about Diane Scricca possibly retiring this year, all I could think of was, “Here we go again!” I ask myself why is it that the Riverhead Central School District seemingly cannot find a superintendent who is willing to make the commitment to see through the changes that they bring to the district.

As for the next educational leader, there may be a sentiment to promote from within. The fact remains that whoever is the next superintendent, that person needs to make a long-term pledge to the community and kids that they will be there for 10 years or more. We don’t need another person to come in here to pad their retirement with a three-year fat check to raise their final average. As an educator, I can see in the district where I work the results of stability in the most important position in a school district. In my first 24 years at that school we had two superintendents. And, we have had great academic success, beautifully maintained buildings, bond issues that passed and a sense of community within the schools themselves.

Board members, please consider these three things in your next choice: 1. Someone who is willing to make a long-term commitment; 2. Someone with a vision for Riverhead as we navigate through the swamp of economics and state mandates; and 3. Someone who has at their heart what is best for kids.

We do not need another person who shakes the tree and as the fruit begins to spoil, skips town. Likewise, we don’t need someone to pad their pension just to bail out and hop aboard the gravy train of interim superintendent positions where they will make more per day than Riverhead could ever pay!

My son will be a junior at Riverhead High School next year. He will have his sixth superintendent!

John Wevers

Editor’s note: Mr. Wevers is the band director at Copiague High School.


MTA thievery at the DMV

The media has heavily publicized the recent MTA tax added on salaries paid in Suffolk County and elsewhere. Five towns are currently considering breaking away from the MTA because of this new added tax. But why isn’t the media reporting on the $25 surcharge added to all registrations? I went to register a small boat trailer and found the fee had jumped from $20 per year to $45 per year because of the MTA surcharge. I questioned the increased fee and was told that it was a new surcharge passed by Governor Paterson to subsidize the MTA. Two-year automobile registrations incur a $50 surcharge at renewal time. I find this new surcharge outright thievery on the part of the MTA.

Sal Mastropaolo


Jedediah Hawkins will be a source of pride

I write this letter as a native son with a deep love for the region. I recently returned to Jamesport after years of work and travel, honing my craft and preparing for the moment I may return home and share my experiences. I am fortunate to have the privilege of pursuing my dream in a venue that may only be described as a local treasure, the restored Jedediah Hawkins Inn.

It saddens me to learn that some of the inn’s neighbors have come to view the business as a burden, rather than the community asset it should be perceived as. While I am unable to speak to any of the instances related to past operations, I am happy to speak of my plans for the future.

My intentions as the new proprietor, are to forge forward and build a sustainable model of hospitality that will serve as a source of community pride for years to come. My vision is that of a country inn and restaurant that creates job opportunities, supports local agriculture and viticulture, and provides a mentoring spirit to local youth.

I humbly ask the community’s support in this endeavor.

Keith Luce

chef/proprietor, Jedediah Hawkins Inn


What amazing neighbors

Only in this great country of ours would one group of people sympathize so eloquently with another.

A sincere and grateful thank-you to all the folks at John Wesley Village for their compassionate condolences to Polish-Americans and all those identified with the Polish community on the loss of the president of Poland, his wife and cabinet members.

Every one of us is a loyal and proud American and proud of our heritage. Thank you to our neighbors at John Wesley Village for your kind words.

Irene Pendzick

past president, Polish Town Civic Association


It meant a lot to us

To all the kind people who stopped to help our puppy, Sparkie, on Sound Avenue in Calverton. We want to say thank you for your compassion, kind words, a hug or even just for being there.

Thank you is not enough, but from our hearts we thank each and every one of you. May he rest in peace.

The Dune family