What a nice weekend we had. In my opinion, the temperature was just about as perfect as could be — a little breeze and lots of sun! I spent my last free weekend until November in my garden. Yes, it is back to the farm stand for me starting this weekend. Feel free to stop by and chat, or drop off any news that you might have for my column.

Moms and grandmas visited Riley Avenue Elementary School the week before Mother’s Day and listened to songs and received some very special gifts the children had made for them to celebrate this special day.

Field Days at Riley kick off Tuesday, June 1, and continue through Friday, June 4. In the event of inclement weather, a new schedule will be sent home to parents. The students have been learning many line dances such as the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Purdue Shuffle and the Macarena. They have done very well and will move onto square-dancing and international dances.

Kindergarten orientation will take place on Thursday, June 10, to welcome Riley’s newest students. Stay tuned for more details.

Art in Action was a success on May 7, with some truly amazing works of art created by many students at Riley. Verizon generously donated a dictionary to each third-grade student. Thank you, your kindness is much appreciated.

Congratulations to Bryce McKissick, a sixth-grader at Pulaski Street School who received an honorable mention at Brookhaven National Lab’s annual science fair. Bryce’s project, “I Nailed It,” brought him one step closer to becoming a science expert. Great job, Bryce, everyone is very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Wedding anniversary wishes are sent toFrancis and John White, who recently celebrated their 61st! Congratulations from your family and friends and all of us at the farm. We hope you have many more happy years together.

Rumor has itthat local strawberries have been spotted. Crops are somewhat ahead of schedule so get out there and enjoy these amazing little beauties.

Here’s a tip on hummingbirds: Don’t go out and purchase expensive nectar for them when you can make your own. Simply bring one cup of sugar and one cup of water to a boil. Let cool and put it in your feeders. They love this and will return to drink throughout the day. My mom changes her feeder at least once a week and she has faithful followers that just can’t get enough of this tasty syrup.

That is all for now. Have a great week, be safe, and I shall talk to you next time. Take care, bye.