Letters to the Editor


Racism charge is baloney

In reply to the “Wake up, people” letter to the editor published last week, I have supported each and every one of Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ decisions — what does that make me? Democrats have never supported his decisions — what does that make them?

Warren Kappenberg



Build a better RR

So the Long Island Railroad finds providing service to Eastern Long Island a losing proposition. So be it. They are in the old-fashioned railroad business. They have “tunnel vision” and are so set in their ways and thinking, sometimes they can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting over their old railroad.

It’s setting, folks. Wake up! It’s a new world.

A big new sun is rising and they need to think big and put it to good use. Clean and affordable solar power is in. Creative, innovative people should take the system over, at least out on Eastern Long Island, and create a new rail transportation system powered by solar energy. We have the know-how.

Yes, the technology is there. Engineer the placement of the solar panels over the present railroad right-of-way east and west facing the sun. That should present no problem in capturing this green energy and its use.

The future is in our hands. Go for it.

Jack McGreevy



Not all enemies are abroad

Your paper ran a cartoon parody of a garden party meant to mock tea party members. I felt a reply was in order.

They went to a tea party, it was known as WWII. They prayed to God and passed the ammo. As any good soldier would do. Some I know wouldn’t go. And some thought it for others to do. But all who went did what they did. For me and you. Yeah, even the likes of you.

I went to a tea party, they called it Vietnam. And if they fought that war again, I’m in, the same as then. I know your thoughts though we’ve never met. And hope we never do. For not all our enemies are abroad. For instance, well, there’s you.

So you can mock the tea parties. And have your little laugh. But I bet you’ll ask for them to help. When Obama wants your a–.

Robert Celentano



Where’ve you been?

After reading your coverage of the tax day Tea Party in Riverhead and comments by participants, I thought it was time for a letter. Many political issues the Tea Party addresses are those I complained about during the Bush administration, so my question is, “Where’ve you been?”

Tea Party activists who complain about government spending watched as Bush took office with a budget surplus and left after doubling the national debt, yet they remained silent. He lied us into war and told us the oil revenue would pay all the bills. This was far from the truth and our present-day Tea Party activists again remained silent. These activists complain about the size of government, but didn’t say a word as Bush created the largest federal government in U.S. history. They talk about protecting the constitution and personal liberties, yet never spoke out as Bush brought us warrantless wiretaps, sneak and peek searches and free speech zones. I always thought the whole country was a free speech zone. They complain about “socialist” policies, yet want to protect their Social Security and Medicare. These same folks don’t even realize that anything we decide to do as a group to benefit the general population could be considered socialist, like the police, fire and highway departments, or even the military. Don’t forget that socialist government arm that Bush created, the Department of Homeland Security. This group complains about government bailouts, but forgets that the first round of bailouts happened under Bush, and with the no-strings-attached approach used back then, it was more like a gift.

So my question is, “Where’ve you been?” When I spoke out during the Bush administration, I was called unpatriotic, un-American and several other names I can’t write here. So what has changed? Is it that the White House is not occupied by an old white man with an (R) after his name? Why is it suddenly fashionable to voice the same complaints that brought me ridicule only a few years ago? At least now our spending may have some return on investment instead of just giving the money away to the already wealthy. At least now, we are no longer shedding 700,000 jobs each month and may even be turning the corner to creating jobs.

Most Americans were asleep while our previous administration drove us off the road of both democracy and economic stability. Now that we have hired or elected a new team to make the necessary repairs, the Tea Party seems to be blaming the guys trying to fix the problem for the crash that happened before they arrived, while complaining about the cost of the repairs and the time it takes to make them.

Glen Sherman



Thanks for the hand

Thanks to all who donated to the Riverhead Town/East End Surf Fishing Club, Inc. Beach Cleanup, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Thrifty Beverage on the Circle, Bagel Lovers, Snowflake Ice Cream and the surf fishing club.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped, including club members, North Fork Anglers, Long Island Off-Roaders Club, Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch, Old Steeple Community Church, Cub Scout Troop 404 and Sound Park Heights Association.

Kenneth Densieski

president, East End Surf Fishing Club, Inc.



Tim Gannon tribute

Many thanks to Tim Gannon for his diligent investigation and reporting. His work has been very useful to me in my explorations of the Riverhead School District as well as many other “Riverhead goings-on.” More Riverhead citizens should follow his example.

Richard Tavano