Confusion, concern over helicopter plan

Questions, concerns and frustration
have prompted federal representatives to call for a meeting to hear
from East Enders on the Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed
rules for helicopters flying over Long Island.

Gerry Petrella,
who runs Senator Charles Schumer’s Long Island office, has called for a
meeting at East Hampton Town Hall at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

posted its proposed rules on Wednesday, which were expected to mandate
routes from Manhattan to East Hampton Airport and Gabreski Field. But
the proposed regulations only mandate a 2,500 foot altitude and travel
on the “North Shore Route,” an established flight path one mile off the
North Shore from the New York City area to Orient Point. It says
nothing about how the helicopters will get from that route to the
airports near the South Shore.

The FAA is accepting comments on
the proposed rules, and one outcome of Tuesday’s meeting may be filing
a joint proposal to strengthen the new regulations with regard to
helicopter traffic over the East End.

The rules are posted at Instructions on the many options to
submit comments, which are due by June 25, 2010, are listed there.

Comments can be seen or posted at Search for rule FAA-2010-0302.