Capital One laying off 29 North Fork workers

Capital One announced last week it will lay off 29 local employees.

In compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, the New York State Labor Department has disclosed that 29 layoffs are planned by Capital One Bank on the North Fork in September and December.
The act that took effect in February 2009 requires that companies employing at least 50 workers and anticipating layoffs of at least 25 file at least a 90-day notice of that intent with the Labor Department. Those filings are publicized on the department’s website.
Seven people will lose their jobs on or about Sept. 3, with another 22 getting pink slips on Dec. 17, according to the list, which was based on a letter from Capital One officials to the Labor Department, according to its rapid response specialist Frederick Danks.
The reason given for the layoffs, according to the department’s listing, is the economy. It appears that the September layoffs all will be at the bank’s headquarters in Mattituck; only the headquarters at 9025 Main Road is listed as being affected. It was unclear whether the December layoffs would affect branch offices as well.
The contact person at Capital One, vice president for project management Darrell Dragon, hasn’t returned several calls for comment.
The notice indicates that none of the employees to be laid off are union members. They won’t have “bumping rights”