School’s out for summer!

Roanoke Avenue Elementary School teacher assistant Carol
Cordone of Southold (right) joins in with other teachers and
aides in a great big ‘clap off’ Friday on the last day of
school. The school sent home for the summer 355 children. The
fourth graders are moving up to Pulaski Street Elementary
School for the fifth grade.

Friday marked the final day of school for students in the Riverhead School District.
And for many, the day marked a period of change.
At Pulaski Street Elementary School, students celebrated with the annual Moving Up Day Ceremony.
And it wasn’t just students moving to new grades and schools in Riverhead. Roanoke Avenue Elementary School principal Debra Rodgers will be moving to Phillips Avenue Elementary to take the reins as principal Assistant principal Thomas Payton will be replacing her at Roanoke Avenue.