DEC seeks lead agency status in review of Riverhead Resorts subdivision

The state Department of Environmental Conservation wants to be lead agency in the review of the proposed subdivision to separate the 755 acres Riverhead Resorts wants to buy from the rest of the Enterprise Park at Calverton, according to Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter.
The DEC also is asking that a comprehensive wildlife study of the entire 2,900 acres at EPCAL be completed, Mr. Walter said.
If that study is required before the subdivision is completed, the town will not be able to complete its sale of 755 acres before the end of the year, which could present budget problems for the town, officials said.
“The DEC is taking us down the path of needing another generic environmental impact statement, which would be a two-year process,” Mr. Walter said.
EPCAL is home to two endangered species

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