Business Profiles

The Body Mechanic

Owners Steven and Veronica Grattan.

Owners: Veronica and Steven Grattan

Year established: 2010

Location: 27980 Main Road, Cutchogue

Phone: 631-734-8404

Number of employees: 2

Conveniently located on the Main Road in Cutchogue, The Body Mechanic is a personal fitness studio.

Owners Veronica and Steven Grattan say, “Our philosophy is to provide the best possible training experience for each and every client, to help them achieve their goals and to effectively improve their quality of life.” Their motto: “The success of our business comes from the success of our members.”

New clients are given an initial fitness assessment, which is used to put together an individualized program suiting the needs of each client and giving each one a structured workout with specific direction. “Our job as trainers is to help and motivate people to reach their individual fitness goals through a safe and controlled environment,” said Ms. Grattan.

In addition to the personalized workout program, they offer one-on-one personal training, where a certified personal trainer works with the client during the session.

The Body Mechanic is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m., and Saturday, 7 a.m.-noon. They are closed Sundays, but available online anytime at