Speed and faulty tire blamed for truck crash

A speeding box truck overturned near the intersection of County Road 51 and Lake Avenue in Northampton Monday and fell onto a pickup truck that was trailing a camper. No injuries were reported in the crash.

Speeding and a faulty tire caused a truck driver to lose control and crash into a camper on County Road 51 in Northampton Monday, Southampton Town Police. No serious injuries were reported in the crash.

Kyle Braunskill, 34, of Flanders, who was in the northbound lane, was allegedly driving too fast in a truck carrying household appliances while rounding the turn at the intersection of Lake Avenue near Wildwood Lake about 3:30 p.m.

Francis Everett, 42, of Hempstead, who was stopped on Lake Avenue in a pickup truck trailing a camper and waiting to make a left turn at the traffic light, realized that the truck was about to crash into him and pulled forward, avoiding a head-on collision.

But the tractor-trailer struck the camper, knocking it off the hitch, and spilling the truck’s cargo into the street. The camper and the box of the truck were destroyed.

Police said Mr. Braunskill and his wife, Tara, who was also in the truck, declined medical attention at the scene. Their 3-year-old daughter, Kimora, was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead for evaluation, but was not injured. Mr. Everett, who was traveling with his wife, Cathe, and 13-year-old son, Cory, also declined medical attention, according to police.

Mr. Braunskill was charged with speeding and having an inadequate tire.

After a fatal crash in February, Suffolk County installed the traffic light at the intersection, where many accidents have occurred.


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