Riverhead hosts annual fire department drill competition

Cutchogue Fire Department “Panthers” in the Motor H&L Class
“B” drill. Their time was 7.49.

Pouring rain didn’t damper the spirits of about 20 Suffolk County Fire Departments who sent members of their respective drill teams to Riverhead Saturday, where they competed in a slew of firefighter time trial events.
Though the teams had to take a few breaks to wait as the rain passed, members still competed in hose, ladder and truck races as well as a bucket brigade
Riverhead is hosting the Suffolk County Drill and Parade Team Captain’s Association annual parade and drill competition in celebration of its own drill team, the Ironmen’s, 75th anniversary.
“It’s a huge adrenaline rush,” said Riverhead firefighter Brian Densieski of the competition. “You know, just trying to get the best time you can.”
He added that Riverhead broke its own personal record in the motor pump run.
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