I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, even if you’re one of the many who had to work. We saw the Riverhead fireworks Sunday night. I was very impressed! The riverfront parking lot was jammed. Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could performed and I couldn’t help but think “The Little Town That Could.” Riverhead is sitting on a gold mine.

Speaking of fireworks, did you hear about the man who lost his arm up-island while trying to blow off fireworks? That’s why, friends and neighbors, I leave it to the professionals. The East End has so many carnivals and festivals that there is usually fireworks somewhere every week. Please do not try to start your own show. Let the people who know what they’re doing take care of that type of entertainment.

The Southampton Youth Bureau sponsors chaperoned trips every Tuesday during the summer vacation. On July 13 children in grades 6-10 will go to Selden Batting and Go-Karts for unlimited batting and go-kart action and will receive 15 game tokens. Bring a bagged lunch or money for the concession stands. Call 702-2425 as soon as possible to reserve your spot and to receive a permission slip. You can also check out the weekly calendar at Click on Human Services, then Youth Services, then What’s Happening.

Attention, seniors. There was lots of activity at the David Crohan Community Center the last few weeks, with much more to come. Prom night with music by Larry Lang started things off and there are other trips and activities lined up for the rest of the summer such as ballgames and Broadway shows. Call 702-2375 if you’d like to join in the fun.

Congratulations and best wishes for a successful year to the newly installed officers at the Senior Center. They are: Rosemary Calavito, president; Edna Bright, vice president; Jean Guydish, secretary; Evelyn McCarthy, Treasurer; and Geraldine Tinsley, chaplain. Council members are: Arlene Baxter, Madeline Delepine, Lillian McGarvey, Elena Paparatto, Ruth Evers and Dorothy Haberman.

Happy birthday to my father in-law, Ed Doherty, who will celebrate with his entire family on July 11. We love you Poppy! Belated happy birthday to my niece Katie Butler, who celebrated on July 5, from your mom, dad, sisters Donna and Reilly and all your family and friends. Happy birthday to my baby girl, Kaitlyn, who will celebrate her 14th on July 13! Dad, Thomas, Michael, Teddy and I and all your family and friends love you so much! July is such a crazy month with birthdays for my family. More next week, including my own. I’ll be 31 (again).

I spent time with Spencer Shea last Wednesday and we had a great day. First Kaitlyn and I went to his house, where he finished up his schooling (he has a lot to make up but he’s plugging along). Then we picked up my son Mike and all four of us went to Papa Nick’s for lunch. If you run into him around town ask him what he calls their ice cream shakes. Then we went back to my house for a nap and movie. The day goes by so quickly when we don’t get started until 11. I can’t wait to spend more time with Spencer. He’s such an inspiration. Don’t forget, T-shirts are still available for only $5. Just give me a call or e-mail me and I’ll get it to you.

Well my friends, that is all for this week. I hope you enjoy yourself and I hope to hear from you soon with any news you’d like to share. Please remember to drive slowly and safely!