Business Profiles

Trimble’s of Corchaug Nursery Ltd.

From left, landscape supervisor Georgeann Packard, greenhouse manager Peter Gundersen, owners Anne Trimble and Nancy Leskody and landscape foreman J.P. Garcia.

Owners: Anne Trimble and Nancy Leskody

Year established: 1991

Location: 20985 Route 25, Cutchogue

Phone: 631-734-6494

Number of employees: 5

At Trimble’s of Corchaug Nursery in Cutchogue, where there are four acres of showcased plant material, “we cultivate a ‘small box’ mentality when it comes to the variety of plants we offer and our first-class service, always keeping our quality high and our prices competitive,” said owners Anne Trimble and Nancy Leskody.

Ms. Trimble, who directs the landscape division, designs and installs gardens for both commercial and residential properties. Ms. Leskody, in charge of the nursery, is a creative force behind the plant selection, growing practices and sales displays.

Trimble’s invites customers to explore the greenhouse, perennial hoop houses and the entire portfolio of trees and shrubs.

Many of the plants are propagated at the nursery from seed, vegetative cuttings and division. “We are ‘cool growers,’ so our plants are better acclimated once planted in your garden. That means they are not over-fertilized with synthetic products, doused in weed killers or sprayed with harsh insecticides. As in nature, we grow from the soil up, using an organic soil medium specially formulated for the specific plant,” said the owners.

Trimble’s also offers unique pottery, container plantings and planted bowling balls.

Trimble’s is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; its website is