The rain felt good. It was warm and I didn’t mind it one little bit. Neither did anyone who stopped at the farm stand last Sunday. Smiles were everywhere.

There is going to be an amazing sight this Friday night. On Aug. 27 at 12:30 a.m. there will be two “moons” in the sky, one of which will be Mars, which will be within 34.65 million miles of earth. It will be so close that to the naked eye it will look as large as the full moon. Hopefully it will be a clear night! This phenomenon will not take place again until 2287!

Get-well-soon wishes to Gerry Meade of Calverton, who underwent surgery recently. He is doing quite well, thanks to his amazing wife, Sue, and all the veggies and fruits he eats daily. We love you, Gerry, and are very glad to have you home harassing us.

Ed and Alma Williams of Manorville recently enjoyed visits from Ed’s brother Warren, Warren’s son, Ward, and daughters Cheryl and Rochelle, who live in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maryland. Their hometown is now the site of the Long Island Game Farm. They also spent time visiting relatives and friends. Everyone couldn’t quite believe how the little town of Manorville has grown up.

I had a great girls’ night out with Linda Bouchard, Barbara Benjamin and Cathy Goroleski last week. I have not seen these really cool, amazing women in many years. We all played softball together in high school and won the championship for the first time for Riverhead High School. Look up your old friends, you will be stunned at the memories that have been tucked in the back of your mind. Thanks, girls! We’ll see each other soon.

Belated happy birthday to Dr. Bach’s wife, Terri, who celebrated on Aug. 22, with love from her family and friends, especially the girls at the office. We hope you had a great day.

Happy birthday to Gary Danowski, who celebrates today, Thursday, Aug. 26, from your loving sister, Carol, and all your family and friends. Have a perfect day. Happy birthday also to my co-worker, who really keeps the office jumping, Carol Niewadomski. She will celebrate on Aug. 29. From your husband, Jan, son, Jimmy, and all your family and friends, we love you dearly, Carol Lu. Thanks for making us laugh out loud a lot.

Hey, Jets fans! Will this be the year for a Super Bowl win? Stay tuned! Is it really that unusual to pray each night for a winning season? Not that I do — well, maybe a little.

Have a great week, be safe, bye.