Bid to circle L.I. failed but won $4K for soldiers

Chris Rizopoulos, front, with Rick Shalvoy and Ryan Cuddihy partially obstructed behind him, and Chris Cuddihy, taking the photo, approach the Manhattan Bridge in the East River before the worst of a storm last Monday. The four men raised more than $4,000 for wounded soldiers in an attempt to row around Long Island.

Imagine rowing through ocean waves so high your boat occasionally flies freely through the air while lightning bolts are continually striking the salt water all around you. It’s nighttime, so your eyes are continually struggling to make the adjustments between utter darkness and blinding light.

That was the experience last week of four daring men who set out to row non-stop around Long Island to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit group that helps wounded American soldiers.

The four

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