It’s that time again. The annual Polish Town Fair takes place this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 21 and 22, and it’s always a lot of fun. We go every year to see old friends and enjoy some Polish food and beverages. Hopefully the weather will be perfect. See you there!

The Manorville seniors have had a restful summer, with only one meeting in July. They are now looking forward to their annual picnic today, Thursday, Aug. 19, at Maples in Manorville. If you are a Brookhaven Town senior and wish to join this group, the first meeting for 2010-2011, Sept. 2, will be an ice cream social. Meetings are held every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Manorville Fire Department headquarters, 16 Silas Carter Road. Lots of activities are planned, including bingo, horse racing and line dancing. For more information, call 878-6812.

Three longtime friendsandclassmates from Manorville contacted each other via phone for their mutual birthdays. Ed Williams of Ryerson Avenue greeted George Mullane of Bay Shore on July 31. George returned the greeting to Ed Williams on Aug. 1. The two then called Tom James of Coconut Creek, Fla., for his birthday on Aug. 2. All three attended West Manor School, which is now the historical society building. They shared memories of school and some of the mischievous pranks they played together. Happy birthday to all of you!

Happy 60th birthday to Riley Avenue Elementary School custodian Paul Meyer, who celebrated Aug. 9, from all your coworkers, especially Ray Cardinal Jr. and Frank Brown. We hope you had a really nice day, Paul!

Happy sixth anniversary to my coworker Kerin Orlowski and her husband, Steve, who celebrated on Aug. 10, from your two little ones, Cormac and Cayleigh, and all your family and friends. We hope you had a perfect day. Our love to you both.

The poor little honeybees are very thirsty. They have been eating watermelon and peaches for days now, so be kind to them if you see them snacking on your fruits. The hummingbirds are also thirsty, so keep your feeders full for them. They will start to migrate soon, some as early as mid-August, some later. They are a joy and become quite tame when they get to know you.

That is all for this week. Be safe, take care and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.