We flip the calendar and just like that the weather changes. The pumpkins are orange and ready to be picked, the mums are showing color. Fall, it seems, is in a hurry to get here. It will arrive Sept. 22 so enjoy this last official week of summer.

Riley Avenue Elementary School had a great opening day. The students are happy to be back with their friends and the staff is ready to start the new school year. Mr. Enos welcomes everyone and sends wishes for a very successful year. Stay tuned for information on open houses and back-to-school meetings soon. Good luck!

John Hall is a historian at Peconic River Sportsman’s Club in Calverton. A few years ago he found approximately 75 pictures of Karen Kosciusko’s christening and her first birthday party. He would love to give these pictures to her. If anyone has any information on how to contact her, please let me know and I will tell John.

John has done a wonderful job cleaning and maintaining Wells Cemetery on River Road in Calverton, just before the Grumman railroad tracks. Take a trip to this very old graveyard and bring a bunch of flowers to place on one of the graves. It’s a good feeling to give a little something to someone whom you didn’t even know.

The final 44 pictures of the downtown Riverhead Summer Photo Contest have been selected. It’s now time to vote for the winners. Simply go to to see these amazing pictures and vote for your favorites between now and Sept. 30. The winners will be announced at the Riverhead Country Fair in October. The winning entries will be displayed at Town Hall for three months beginning Dec. 10. Good luck to all the entrants!

Belated happy birthday to Madeline Galka, our favorite SCNB employee, who makes us smile when we visit her at the drive-up window. She celebrated on Aug. 26. We hope you had a great day, Madeline. Birthday wishes also to Calverton residents Paul Ceberek and Donald Pelis, who celebrated Sept. 11, from all your family and friends. We hope you both had a nice day. To my buddy Bruce Hudson of Calverton, a very happy 81st birthday to you. Bruce is a very interesting guy to talk to, as he spent 20 years in the service, was an air traffic controller and has traveled the world. I hear about new adventures every time I see him and I always look forward to the next story. Hope you had a great day, Bruce.

Do you have fruit flies? Did you know fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time? These insects live for about one week and have the potential to contaminate food with bacteria. To remove them, set out cider vinegar mixed with a little dish soap and let them enjoy their last meal. Remember to change the vinegar every eight hours as the smell dissipates.

That’s all for this week. Be safe, take care and I shall talk to you next week. Bye.