I am doing two things at once — typing and willing away any hurricanes that might want to come here and get a lot of people angry and upset. I hope we are all happy and fully intact; we don’t need that kind of excitement.

A quick reminder! The Times/Review office will be closed on Labor Day, so any news for next week’s column must get to me by tonight, Thursday, Sept. 2, as we have an early deadline at the paper this week.

The first day of school is only a few days away. I’m sure there will be many emotional parents — gleeful, tearful, relieved — as school starts on Sept. 7. The best of luck to all the students and teachers for a great school year. If going back to school is too much for you, remember you will have two days off on Sept. 9 and 10 for Rosh Hashanah.

Get well wishes to Lois (whose last name remains a mystery) of Calverton who recently underwent surgery. Lois is a stay-at-home grandma. She picked a great time to have a little vacation, as her grandchild starts school soon. From all your family and friends, get well soon and take advantage of this quiet time.

Attention, Riverhead High School Class of 1985 graduates! The 25th reunion will be held Saturday, Oct. 9, at Eagles Landing in Calverton. Contact Gina Marascia-Hubbard at 208-3959 or e-mail [email protected]. Do go, you’ll have a great time.

I got an e-mail the other day requesting that everyone fly the American flag on Sept. 11, the ninth anniversary of the attacks. Remember when you couldn’t get a flag because everyone wanted one? Well we still have them, but we don’t fly them as much as we should. So let’s fly them proudly on not only Sept. 11 but every day of the year!

Congratulations to Bob and Rita Prevtera, who were married on Aug. 28 at Martha Clara Vineyards. Ray Cardinal Jr. of Calverton attended and was the lucky guy who caught the garter. Best wishes for a wonderful life together, Bob and Rita.

Belated happy birthday to Richard Morgenstern of Calverton, who celebrated Aug. 15. From your lovely wife and all your family and friends, we hope you had a great day.

That is all for this week. Enjoy, be safe and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.