Bill Clinton to stump for Rep. Bishop

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to make an appearance at Stony Brook University Wednesday alongside Congressman Tim Bishop.

The appearance comes just six days before voters will decide whether or not to elect the incumbent Congressman  to a fifth term.

Mr. Bishop is one of a handful of Democrats whom national GOP leaders have targeted this mid-term election.

A press release from Congressman Bishop’s office said: “President Clinton and Congressman Bishop will speak about the challenges facing our country today and how important it is for young voters to make their voices heard at the polls on November 2.”

The speech is scheduled to take place in the school’s indoor sports complex. Doors will open at 1:30 p.m. and the rally is set for 2:20pm.

New York State Board of Elections records show there are nearly 1,500 actively registered Democrats currently residing on the Stony Brook campus. No other election district in Brookhaven has more than 1,000 enrolled Democrats.

The campus can make a dent on Election Day. In the last federal election, Stony Brook University had an 80 percent voter turnout, five percent higher than the rest of the town. And 77 percent of campus voters chose Democrat Barack Obama in that year’s presidential election.

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This post was originally published Oct. 26, 2010