Calverton: Enjoy scallop season!

What a nice Halloween we had; it was lots of fun. There were many ghosts and goblins and the weather was perfect. My farm stand is now closed for the year. Ahh, it feels good to have a few days off a week. I can’t wait to be bored — I figure some time around March or so. Stay tuned.

It’s that magical time of the year again. Scallop season has begun and they are so tasty. They freeze very well, so pick up a few more to enjoy later in the year, like for when it starts snowing.

My daughter Jamie and I held a baby shower last Saturday at the Riverhead Polish Hall for my daughter-in-law, Jaime, who is expecting her first child —my first grandchild — in December! Yes, I am finally going to become a grandmother, an event I am truly looking forward to. Anyway, many thanks to Ziggy from the Polish Hall, who is absolutely the most helpful guy you’ll ever want to meet. The shower was beautiful, with good food, many smiles and lots of cute presents. Stay tuned for news about my granddaughter’s arrival!

The students and staff at Riley Avenue Elementary School have the day off on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Not only is it a day off, but a day to remember all who helped our nation become what it is today — free. Remember to thank our veterans and active members for all they’ve done and continue to do. Who knows what our lives would be like without them.

There is an early deadline for next week’s issue, so if you have anything to tell the world, I need to know about it by tonight, Thursday, Nov. 4! Call or e-mail me and I’ll fix you right up.

That’s all for this week. You can now go back to enjoying listening to the radio and watching TV now that Election Day is over.

Take care, be safe and I will talk to you soon. Bye.