Calverton: Riley Avenue Elementary hosts food drive

Well, we’ve had our first frost. It arrived very late this year but it’s still possible to have an Indian summer, when temps reach at least 70 degrees. A day or two of that would be nice. An interesting fact is that it usually rains after the first frost. Well, Mother Nature came through again — it rained. Of course my daughter, Jaime, who lives in Albany, had to show off and send me a picture of a snowball she made on Halloween. It was a slushy one, but a snowball nonetheless.
Want to help make someone’s Thanksgiving a little bit nicer? Well, those amazing people who run the morning program at Riley Avenue Elementary School are holding their 11th annual food drive to fill baskets for local needy families. Donations of canned and dried goods, such as gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc., can be placed in the boxes located in the front lobby. Grocery store gift cards, to be used toward the purchase of a turkey, are also appreciated. Note: The coat drive at Riley was a great success. Thanks to all who donated.
A program has been initiated at Riley to prevent bullying, a topic that has become a problem for all schools. On Oct. 20 the students attended an assembly featuring Soren Bennick’s production “The Power of One,” a “bullying-proofing” performance for elementary schoolchildren. The students will have the opportunity to sign a poster pledging they will not bully, they will not stand by while others are bullied, and they will report bullying because they have “The Power of One.” A truly good lesson.
The Halloween parade was, once again, a huge success and a fun event for all. So many parents are volunteering their time at Riley, making this school even greater due to the home/school connection.
Calverton resident Gavin Goodale turned 3 on Halloween. He celebrated on the 30th with a dinosaur party and on Halloween he went trick-or-treating with his brother, Rudy. I’d say this was a pretty special weekend for Gavin. A very happy birthday to you from your family. Gavin’s mom and dad, Ben and Kathy Goodale, celebrated their 4th anniversary on Nov. 10. Best wishes to you both for much happiness together. Congratulations.
A perfect birthday is wished for my co-worker Betty Fox, who celebrates on Tuesday, Nov. 16. From all your family and friends, especially from all of us at Dr. Bach’s office, we love you, “Bettina,” and hope you have a very special day.
That’s all for this week. I guess it’s time to rake the leaves. Remember to leave some in your gardens, especially where bulbs have been planted. The leaves will protect your bulbs and perennials and you don’t have to rake them. It’s a win-win situation. Take care, be safe and I shall talk to you next week. Bye.