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Calverton: Kent Animal Shelter seeks donations

I hope everyone had a great holiday, with lots of turkey, football, smiles and memories. Speaking of football, my daughter Jamie and I went to our first Jets game at the new stadium. I thought I was a crazy Jets fan, but as it turns out there are others who are crazier. The tailgate parties were incredible. We smiled for hours till it was time to enter the stadium.

Then we smiled when we left the game, as the Jets won with only a few seconds remaining. If you’re a fan, do find a way to go. It will be such a great memory.

Mom and I both got our Christmas trees last weekend. They are so fresh, with no needles dropping. They will stay that way for a long time if you trim the trunk right away and put it in some water as soon as you get home. Trust me.

Kent Animal Shelter on River Road in Calverton is a wonderful place and is in need of donations such as blankets, towels, and food and toys for cats and dogs. I know there are many animal lovers out there willing to help. A few cans of food would mean so much. Perhaps your pet has passed on and they had toys, beds and blankets. Do consider donating these items. It will help make another animal’s life a little more cozy until someone comes to adopt them. If you’re unable to donate to Kent, then please consider your local shelter. My little Yorkie granddaughter, Brookie, has many toys that are ready to go. By the way, happy 7th birthday to Brookie on Dec. 6. Grandma loves you!

Let’s talk candy canes. I love them. Did you know that many years ago a candy maker wanted to make candy that symbolized the meaning of Christmas? This hard candy was shaped like a “J” to symbolize Jesus’ name. Another theory was that the candy cane was shaped into a shepherd’s staff (all white; no red stripes yet) and given out to children in church to keep them quiet.

Best wishes for a happy Hanukkah Dec. 2-9.

That’s all for this week. Go out and cut some fresh greens, put them in water, and enjoy the fragrance of the holiday season. Take care, be safe, and I will talk to you next week. Bye.